Summaries 08 Jul 2023
Gist AI
Time-saving article summarization for comprehension.

Generated by ChatGPT

Gist AI is a Chrome extension that uses ChatGPT, an AI-powered article summarizer, to extract key points from long articles, webpages, documents, essays, blogs, and more with just one click.

It helps users save time by providing brief summaries and allowing them to deep-dive into sections that interest them the most, eliminating fluff and distractions.

The tool employs a research-backed technique that breaks down long articles into smaller parts, improving comprehension. With Gist AI, users can reduce long texts, such as news articles, research articles, or blog posts, into shorter, easy-to-understand paragraphs.

It promotes focused reading by providing an overview of main ideas in a flash through its AI summary generator. If users need a more detailed perspective, they can utilize the 'Read More' feature to dive deeper into the article.Installing the Chrome extension is simple and easy, with no API keys required.

Gist AI serves as a reliable online summarizer, particularly suitable for those buried under a mountain of content. It helps craft comprehensive summaries even from complex texts, providing users with an upgraded reading experience.The developer of Gist AI has emphasized privacy practices, with the tool not collecting any user data.

Users can further explore additional information about the tool and its features on the developer's website.

Gist AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 8th 2023.
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Belanik Official
· Sep 14, 2023
Works well for Websites, Youtube Video and PDF.
sayoni dutta roy
· Jul 23, 2023
Really saves me a lot of time everyday
· Jul 17, 2023
Didn't work for me. maybe just not compatable with PDF's
Kshitiz Kumar
· Jul 9, 2023
Exactly what I was looking for.

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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Uses ChatGPT
One-click summarization
Improves reading comprehension
Breaks long texts into segments
Summarizes complex texts
Promotes focused reading
Deep-dive with 'Read More' feature
No API keys required
Strong privacy practices
No data collection
Easy to install
Summarizes variety of content
Efficiently reduces long texts
Detailed perspective on demand
Flexible reading experience
Suitable for heavy reading load
Crafts comprehensive summaries


Chrome exclusive
Cannot customize summaries
Limited language support
No offline usage
Lacks API functionality
No mobile version
No data export options


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What types of texts can Gist AI summarize?
How reliable is Gist AI?
Is Gist AI compatible with all types of articles?
Can Gist AI summarize complex texts?
What does the summarization process involve for Gist AI?
Does Gist AI collect any user data?
Where do I get additional information about Gist AI?
How to install Gist AI on my Chrome browser?
Can Gist AI be used for professional reading purposes?
What's the main benefit of using Gist AI?
Why should I choose Gist AI over other online summarizers?
How can Gist AI enhance my reading experience?

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