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Enhances web with answers & summaries.
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Lunally is a Chrome Extension that functions as a personal browsing companion, enhancing user experience and making web browsing effortless and enjoyable.

It leverages the power of ChatGPT, an advanced language model, to transform the browser tab into a communication hub.With Lunally, users can ask any question about the web page they are browsing and receive instant answers.

It also offers the ability to summarize any web page or article, providing users with condensed information. Additionally, Lunally generates related ideas and concepts based on the current web page, inspiring users with useful suggestions.The tool offers two pricing plans: a monthly plan and a yearly plan.

The essential plan, with a cost of $9 per month (charged yearly), allows users to access features such as web page summarization, chat experience in the browser tab, a history of all summaries and chats, and 15 daily credits for summaries or chat questions.

The advanced plan, priced at $15 per month (charged yearly), includes all the features of the essential plan, with the addition of 30 daily credits.Overall, Lunally provides users with a unique browsing experience by integrating the capabilities of ChatGPT directly into their web browser.

It aims to simplify information retrieval and inspire users with related ideas, all while promoting effortless and enjoyable web browsing.

Lunally was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Chrome Extension
Enriches browsing experience
Transforms browser into communication hub
Ability to ask questions
Instant answers to queries
Web page summarization feature
Generates related ideas
Provides useful suggestions
Two pricing plans
Chat experience in browser tab
History of summaries and chats
15 daily credits for summaries or chat questions
30 daily credits with advanced plan
Effortless information retrieval
Promotes enjoyable web browsing
Simplifies web browsing
Integrated with ChatGPT
Inspirational web page suggestions
Affordable pricing plans
Free trial available
Yearly and monthly billing options


Limited to Chrome browsers
Might not handle complex queries
Only 15-30 daily credits
Expensive pricing plans
Potential privacy concerns
No offline use
Doesn't work with all websites
Reliant on ChatGPT accuracy
Limited feature set for essential plan
Possible delay in responses


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