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Search responses with ChatGPT on Google and Bing.
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GPT Sidebar - Search with ChatGPT is a Chrome extension that aims to enhance web browsing experience by integrating ChatGPT with popular search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.

Its functionality is based on displaying ChatGPT's responses alongside the typical search engine results, providing users with additional insights and perspectives on their searches.

This tool's key features include compatibility with frequently used search engines, access to OpenAI's API, and the ability to interact with ChatGPT directly from the extension's popup.

Furthermore, it presents a 'Summary' feature allowing summarization of websites or YouTube videos. To enhance readability, markdown rendering and code highlighting features are provided.

A dark mode option is also available for easy viewing in low-light conditions. This extension is user-friendly, with the user just needing to put in their queries or questions, the assistant then uses advanced natural language processing to provide accurate responses.

The extension also includes a Clipboard copy option for text transfer to other documents or applications.


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GPT Sidebar was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 1st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Compatible with multiple search engines
Interactive ChatGPT from extension's popup
Summary feature for websites/videos
Markdown rendering feature
Code highlighting feature
Dark mode option
User-friendly interface
Clipboard copy option for text
Direct ChatGPT search on Google/Bing
Increased web browsing efficiency
Access to GPT-4
Complements regular search results
51 Language support
Highlights code within conversation
Context-aware replies for queries
Helps in reducing eye strain
User-friendly nature
Design aimed at intuitive interaction
Responsive navigation
Expertise of the publisher
Conveniently functional from browser's extension
Easy to setup and use
Accessible dark theme
Allows copying content from conversations
Easy summary of websites/videos
Significant time saver
Improves web browsing experience
Increase productivity and work efficiency
Embedded within Chrome browser
Doesn't require navigation to separate website/application
Highlights code snippets
Enhances reading and understanding of code
Comfortable viewing in low light settings
Accurate response using advanced NLP
Easily copy text to clipboard
Facilitate quick information access
Assists in enhancing writing and communication skills
Good record with no history of violations
Follows recommended practices for Chrome extensions


Only for Chrome
Summary feature not working
Login issues
No incognito or guest mode
Doesn't open sidebar
No right-click option for summary
No version for mobile browsers


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How does GPT Sidebar provide search responses on Google and Bing?
How is GPT Sidebar installed as a Chrome extension?
Does GPT Sidebar require any additional software or extensions to function?
How often does GPT Sidebar get updated and how do I access new features?
What limitations, if any, does GPT Sidebar have?
Is using GPT Sidebar secure, and where can I find its privacy policy?
Can GPT Sidebar identify and highlight code snippets in my conversation?
Can I get a summary of YouTube videos with GPT Sidebar?
How can I troubleshoot if I have issues using GPT Sidebar?


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