Summaries 03 Apr 2023
Easy summarization of large PDFs.

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pdf2gpt is an AI tool designed to automatically summarize large PDF documents using the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) model. With pdf2gpt, users can easily extract key information and main points from lengthy PDFs, enabling them to quickly grasp the main content without reading the entire document.The tool offers a user-friendly interface, allowing users to either upload a PDF file or provide a URL for summarization.

To enhance user experience, pdf2gpt automatically breaks down long PDFs into manageable chunks that fit within the context of GPT.One notable feature is the ability to ask specific questions about the PDF content.

Users can input queries related to the document, and pdf2gpt will provide a summary that addresses the question. This functionality allows for more targeted and specific information retrieval.pdf2gpt also supports processing huge PDFs, ensuring that even extremely large documents can be effectively summarized.

However, precise details about the size limits are not given in the provided text, likely subject to change. The tool is currently operated through the website, which appears to be associated with a similar site called

However, it is stated that maintaining free of charge is not sustainable due to the expenses associated with the OpenAI bill.

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Jose Quinto
· Sep 26, 2023
Needs improvement.
· Aug 15, 2023
They started charging for documents , Please change from no pricing to freemium
· Jul 17, 2023
Stole my data and pissed off

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Pros and Cons


Easy summarization of PDFs
Uses GPT model
Extracts key information
Standalone summaries from PDFs
User-friendly interface
Upload or URL input
Breaks down large PDFs
Question-asking feature
Targeted information retrieval
Supports huge PDFs
Web-based operation
Associated with
Handles PDFs in chunks
Google sign-in option


No offline version
Breaking PDF limits not detailed
Uncertain sustainability
No app version
No multi-language support mentioned
Possible summarization inaccuracies
No batch processing support
Dependency on internet speed
No API available
Unclear data privacy policy


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How is pdf2gpt related to
Why isn't pdf2gpt sustainable as a free tool?
Can pdf2gpt summarize extremely large documents?
How can I contact pdf2gpt if I have queries or issues?
What is the site for operating pdf2gpt?
Could I use pdf2gpt without enabling JavaScript?
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Are there any similar sites to pdf2gpt?
What does 'being on the GPT hype train' mean in the context of pdf2gpt?

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