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Turn every call into CRM data automatically.
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Momentum is a tool that seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence in the sales and customer success process. Leveraging AI, it creates summaries of every sales call, which are shared in Slack and automatically saved as a note in Salesforce.

Momentum is equipped with several key features such as AI call notes, MEDDIC Autopilot, Email Follow Ups, Contact Automation, and Ask Momentum. AI call notes capture information of every call making it a valuable tool for data capture.

Momentum's MEDDIC Autopilot syncs these insights to the CRM, facilitating instant data entry. The Email Follow Ups feature helps in sending appropriate messages, improving communication efficiency.

Momentum also assists with CRM hygiene by capturing past call data, enhancing data capture accuracy. The Ask Momentum feature allows users to ask questions about deals, offering quick responses to sales and customer success queries.

Additionally, it enables automated workflows and approval workflows, further easing the process. It offers special benefits to sales leaders and sales reps by increasing visibility to every deal and reducing time spent on administrative tasks respectively.

Through AI efficiency, the tool embeds AI in business processes, contributing to efficiency and accuracy in the workflow.


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Momentum was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates conversion of call into CRM data
Syncs to Salesforce automatically
Identifies potential risks
Integrates with Slack and Asana
Provides actionable insights
Keeps Salesforce updated with data
MEDDIC Autopilot feature
Email Follow Ups feature
Contact Automation feature
Ask Momentum feature
Enables automated and approval workflows
Increases visibility to every deal
Reduces time on administrative tasks
Improves communication efficiency
Captures past call data
Offers shareable summaries
Automatically saves notes in Salesforce
Improves CRM hygiene
Instant data entry
CRM Backfill feature
Slack Notifications feature
Deal + Account Rooms feature
Supports coaching scalability
Enables management of handoffs easily
Saves notes for every call
Instant data capture improvement
Supports manual admin saving
Builds approval workflows
Ideal for sales and customer success
Facilitates deal syncing in one place
Allows pipeline management from Slack
Highly recommended by senior directors
Improves accuracy of call summaries
Saves time on note-taking
Aids in identifying coaching opportunities
Features Ask Momentum for deal queries
Boosts rep performance with coaching
Supercharges productivity with automation
Promotes accurate decision-making with data hygiene
Improves data capture instantly
Automates MEDDPIC


Limited CRM integration
Only saves to Salesforce
Limited question query function
Only syncs with Slack
May miss nuanced information
Doesn't mention data security
No API for custom integration


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