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Enhance your VoIP experience with our intelligent open-source softphone.
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008 Agent is an open-source, event-driven, and AI-powered communication tool designed to enhance your VoIP experience. As an AI-powered softphone, it introduces an advanced level of functionality for call-handling and data processing.

Every interaction is meticulously captured and processed, offering comprehensive insights from all communication. This intelligent, data-driven system is transparent, customizable, and built by a collaborative community which allows for continuous improvement.

It seamlessly logs call events and interaction details, providing a comprehensive record of communication. It also allows for easy and automatic transfer of call data to preferred CRM systems or other tools, thereby making communication insights actionable and enhancing productivity.

Besides capturing and processing communication data, the 008 Agent comes equipped with capabilities like automatic transcribing of calls into text, sentiment analysis, and summarization features.

An upcoming feature is a programmable conversational agent that will unlock the power of custom conversations, allowing tailored interactions to cater to unique needs.

All these capabilities empower users to track and extend the value of each call effortlessly. Additionally, this tool offers seamless integration compatibility with third-party apps and programs.

This continually updated, community-driven application aims to simplify communication processes, making it an ideal solution for those seeking the future of open-source, event-driven, and AI-powered communication.


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008 Agent was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Open-source tool
Event-driven functionality
Advanced call-handling
Detailed interaction logging
Seamless CRM integration
Automatic call transcription
In-built sentiment analysis
Automatic summarization capability
Programmable Conversational agent
Continuous tool improvement
Transparent data-driven system
Compatibility with third-party apps
Captures every interaction
Turns call data actionable
Detailed communication record
Community-driven development
Customizable features
Frequent updates
Enhanced productivity
Track calls effortlessly
Auto data transfer to tools
Easy to use
Seamless Call Data Transfer
Extend call value
Innovative features
Upcoming customizable interactions
Comprehensive insights from interactions
Insights exportable to CRM
Supports multiple platforms
Clear VoIP experience
Empowers user communication
Intelligent open-source softphone
Tailoring to unique needs
Unlock custom conversations
Analysis and comprehend conversations


Depends on community for updates
Unclear sentiment analysis accuracy
Delayed programmable conversational agent
Summarization feature not yet available
Absence of built-in CRM
Unclear data security measures
Possible integration compatibility issues
Lacks dedicated customer support
Dependent on third-party apps


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What is 008 Agent's programmable conversational agent feature?
Can I customize the interactions in 008 Agent?
What insights can be gleaned from 008 Agent's data-driven approach?
In what ways does 008 Agent enhance communication processes?
Can 008 Agent track every aspect of my calls?
What kind of third-party apps can integrate with the 008 Agent?
How does 008 Agent extend the value of each call?
Is 008 Agent continuously updated?
Is 008 Agent a community-driven application?
How can I join the 008 Agent community on GitHub?


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