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App condenses text to combat info overload.

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Clarifyze.AI is a mobile AI text summarizer designed to help users make sense of information overload. It offers AI-powered summarization and keyword extraction features for students, professionals, and anyone in between.

The app supports various data input methods, including PDF, Word documents, photos, and direct text input. It also uses industry-specific summarization algorithms aimed at providing maximum accuracy and relevance.

Clarifyze.AI employs OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to extract and summarize text from images and support multilingual capabilities for a seamless user experience.

Additionally, it offers a personal library to help users keep their summaries, keywords, and annotations organized. The app also includes inclusive design elements, such as dark mode and offline support.

The pricing plan includes a free version with up to five summaries per month, basic summarization, and keyword extraction features. The Starter, Pro, Education, and Business pricing tiers offer additional features such as advanced summarization, voice input/output, priority customer support, collaboration tools, custom branding, and white-label options.

Clarifyze is dedicated to tackling the challenge of information overload by utilizing OpenAI's GPT API to provide industry-specific insights through its app.

The app's user-friendly interface enables annotating, highlighting, saving, and sharing summarized content, catering to a global audience with multilingual support.

The Clarifyze.AI team is available to answer any questions or provide support through their contact channels.

Clarifyze was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Summarizes and extracts keywords
Supports PDF, Word, images, text
Industry-specific summarization algorithms
OCR technology support
Multilingual capabilities
Inclusive design includes dark mode
Offline support
Organizing summaries, keywords, annotations
Five summaries in free version
Advanced summarization in higher tiers
Voice input/output support
Priority customer support
Collaboration tools for teams
Custom branding and white-label options
Annotating, highlighting, saving, and sharing features
Catering to a global audience
User-friendly interface
Monthly and annually pricing
Crowd sourced improvements
Discount points for contributions
Direct contact support channels


Limited free summaries
No API for lower tiers
No custom branding for low tiers
No bulk discounts for individuals
Limited text characters for free version
Extra cost for additional summaries
Limited customer support for lower tiers
Inadequate OCR for complex images
Lack of text prediction features
No text-to-speech in basic version


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Does the Clarifyze.AI provide dark mode and offline support?
What is included in the free version of Clarifyze.AI?
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Does Clarifyze.AI offer voice input/output features?
What does the Clarifyze.AI do with OpenAI's GPT API?
How can I annotate, highlight, or save summarized content in Clarifyze.AI?
Does the Clarifyze.AI app provide any multilingual support?
How can I contact the Clarifyze.AI team for support?
What is the contribution of Clarifyze.AI in combating information overload?
Do they have any special pricing for educational institutions?
Can Clarifyze.AI extract and summarize text from images?
Who can benefit from using Clarifyze.AI?
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