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Summarize YouTube videos of any length.
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Scrivvy is an AI-powered tool designed to streamline the process of watching YouTube videos by providing concise summaries. This tool is capable of summarizing videos of any length, making it an effective solution for users who need to obtain key information from long videos but have limited time.

Notably, it provides a feature for users to search their video history, allowing fast and easy retrieval of previous video summaries. Scrivvy also offers free credits upon sign-up, enabling users to try the service without any immediate commitments.

Besides its core application online, it extends functionality through optional browser plugins. These plugins allow users to paste video URLs into a dedicated dashboard or directly embed Scrivvy into YouTube for more integrated usage and accessibility.

Supported browsers include Chrome and Firefox, which can be enhanced with a simple plugin installation from the appropriate web store.

Scrivvy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 17th 2023.
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Jun 16, 2023
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works like sh1t

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Pros and Cons


YouTube video summarization
Effective on long videos
Integrated video search function
Breaks videos into chunks
Offers free credits
Helpful for content referencing
Useful for educational purposes
Saves user time
Video history retrieval
Browser integration
Optional browser plugins
Supports Chrome and Firefox
Good for research purposes
Risk-free trial service
Simplifies content curation
Enhances user experience
Facilitates video analysis
Facilitates content digestion


Lacks multi-platform support
No mobile application
Limited to YouTube videos
No offline functionality
Confined to Chrome and Firefox
Lacks translation feature
No video conversion support
No variety in summary lengths
No voice-to-text option


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