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Organizing book summaries and knowledge retrieval.
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Angles is an AI tool designed to enhance your reading experience by offering personalized book summaries tailored to your individual preferences. By setting your preferences through a brief input about yourself, interests, and preferences, Angles leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to curate book summaries specifically aligned with your character.

The process is simple: after providing information about yourself, the AI system learns from your input to generate personalized book summaries. This customization ensures that the summaries are highly relevant to your unique profile, allowing for faster and more efficient learning and personal growth.

Whether you're interested in trending topics, new books, career and success, psychology, learning, or communication, Angles aims to elevate your reading journey. The tool distinguishes itself by focusing on individualized content, avoiding generic summaries and providing users with insights that resonate with their distinct preferences.

Upgrade your reading experience with Angles, where AI technology tailors book summaries to your character, offering a valuable resource for those seeking to learn faster and make the most out of their reading endeavors. Explore the world of personalized knowledge and growth with Angles in a straightforward and user-centric manner.

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Angles was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 1st 2023.
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