Summaries 12 Jun 2023
Summarized content and organized knowledge efficiently.

Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to help users keep up with the influx of information by summarizing various types of content such as books, videos, papers, and articles.

By leveraging AI technology, condenses lengthy content into bite-sized summaries, extracting the core essence and eliminating unnecessary fluff.

The tool aims to save users time and enhance comprehension by quickly capturing the key points of any given piece of content.One notable feature is the chatbot, which provides users with the ability to ask questions about the content, offering additional insights and clarification. also allows users to organize their summaries into a library, creating a personal knowledge base that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

The tool is capable of summarizing a wide range of written materials, including books and academic papers.When it comes to pricing, offers a simple plan for a lifetime membership, requiring an OpenAI API key for access.

The membership includes features such as unlimited document summarization per month, export of summaries as Markdown, the ability to use one's own OpenAI API key, and the option to export summaries to Kindle.In summary, is a valuable tool for individuals seeking to efficiently process and understand complex information by providing concise and easily digestible summaries of various types of content.

Chapterize was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Summarizes multiple content types
Extracts core essence
Enhances comprehension
Chatbot for clarification
Creates personal knowledge library
Summarizes written materials
Lifetime membership option
Unlimited document summarization
Summaries exportable as Markdown
Summaries exportable to Kindle
Captures key points quickly
Stores summaries in cloud
Accessible anywhere
FAQ chatbot
Generates succinct summaries
Eliminates unnecessary content fluff


No mobile application
Lacks free trial
Limits to written content
No multilingual support
Markdown only export
Need internet for access
No integration options
One-off pricing model
Limited customer support


What is
How does summarize content?
What types of content can handle?
Does work with audio and video content?
What is the chatbot feature in
How does help to organize my summaries?
Can summarize academic papers?
What is the pricing model of
What is meant by lifetime membership in
What do I need to access
What is the maximum number of documents that can summarize per month?
Can I export summaries from
Is there a way to export summaries to Kindle from
How can enhance my comprehension of complex content?
Where are my summaries stored in
Can I access my summaries anytime and anywhere?
What does it mean to use my own OpenAI API key in
Can I build my personal knowledge base in
Can the chatbot provide insights about my content?
How can handle a large extraneous information in the content?

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