News 25 Oct 2022
Video news summaries with balanced perspectives.

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Nüz is a personalised video news platform developed by OneSub that provides users with insightful and balanced video summaries of today's news. This app allows users to stay informed with a broad perspective of global events through short, informative video stories that are built just for them by an AI trained to understand the journalistic bias of dozens of reputable news sources from around the world.Nüz eliminates the need for users to read through various news sources themselves as it reads all the papers and compiles essential information.

This tool is free to install, does not contain ads, cookies or trackers, and does not sell users' data. Its focus is solely on providing users with the most accurate and balanced view of the world's events.

Nüz is ideal for busy individuals who want to stay abreast of current events but do not have the time to read through the news on multiple sources. The app is user-friendly, has a sleek design, and is regularly updated with the latest news.

Nüz is built by a small team of three individuals who are open about their progress and consistently seek out feedback from users to improve their app.

Nuz was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 2nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalised video news platform
Broad perspective of global events
Summarizes reputable news sources
No need to read news
Free to install
No cookies or trackers
User data privacy
Focus on accurate and balanced view
Ideal for busy individuals
User-friendly app
Sleek design
Regularly updated
Small, collaborative development team
Open to feedback
Insightful video summaries


Small team support
Mobile app only
Only English language
No text alternative
Requires high-speed internet
Limited news sources
No offline use
No privacy settings
Limited customization
No community interaction


What is Nüz?
How does Nüz work?
What is the purpose of Nüz?
Who developed Nüz?
How does the AI in Nüz understand journalistic bias?
Is Nüz free to use?
Does Nüz contain ads, cookies, or trackers?
How is my privacy protected when using Nüz?
What can I expect from Nüz's user interface?
How does Nüz provide a balanced perspective?
Who are the people behind Nüz?
Can I give feedback on Nüz?
How often is Nüz updated with news?
How does Nüz personalize news for me?
Is Nüz only a news summaries platform or are there full-length articles available?
Can Nüz be used to follow global news?
Do I need to install Nüz to use it?
Can Nüz help me save time on reading news from multiple sources?
What kinds of sources does Nüz collate news from?
Does Nüz sell my data?

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