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TV News Show With Four Political Perspectives.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Political Panel! Ready for today's discussion topics?
Sample prompts:
Check a few of the latest American elections Presidential poll results and give me a few good questions to ask to all our panelists. list these questions as numbers so that we can pick one number and it asks all four guests.
Search Ramaswamy political policies, and give me a few good questions to give to our panelists? list them as numbers so the user can pick a numbered questions to ask.
Search latest Election News around the world then generate a few questions for our panel of guest perspectives on them, list them by topic number and the user selects which topic number to ask generally to all our guests to respond, when the viewpoints are done we create a 16:9 image visual with Dall-e 3 request in the background at the end.
Lookup what Tim Scott's foreign policies are, What are your thoughts on the international relations issue and Tim Scott?
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The Panel is a GPT powered application that provides a dynamic perspective on political matters such as discussions on headline news, election coverage, and individual political policies.

Produced by, it transforms the conventional model of obtaining news by incorporating AI technology. This GPT-like app emphasis on delivering news content from four diverse political perspectives to give users a more holistic view on matters.

It operates on a question-based model where users seek information by asking questions, prompting The Panel to perform searches as instructed and generate meticulous lists of questions to be presented to its 'panelists'.

It encourages interactive participation, where users can select a question from the numbered list to ask the panel. The product's end result is a visual representation of the discussion points using a 16:9 image.

The Panel requires ChatGPT Plus for operation, indicating a premium subscription may be required to access. Its applications are not confined to US current affairs, as the prompts suggest that it can also provide insights on world election news.

This unique blend of AI and political discourse invites users to an open dialogue and provides the means for them to shape the conversation with their own queries.


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The Panel was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 5th 2024.
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