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Analyzing political bias in news for factual insights.
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Analyze the bias in this article. (Provide link)
Is there a political lean in this news piece? (Provide link)
Help me understand the perspective in this article. (Provide link)
Explain the political stance in this news report. (Provide link)
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Media Bias Checker is a GPT designed to provide neutral, factual insights into the political bias present in news articles. This tool comes from the house of UnbiasedNYT, existing as an effective application atop the ChatGPT platform.

It aims to enhance our understanding of political orientations within the news, encouraging balanced consumption of news from a variety of sources. The Media Bias Checker assists in identifying and explaining potential leanings or biases in news pieces, thereby promoting more comprehensive and objective interpretations of the stories we consume daily.

Users can prompt the tool for analysis by presenting specific news links and asking questions such as 'Analyze the bias in this article', or 'Is there a political lean in this news piece?'.

The GPT thereby responds with an objective analysis of the presented article, detailing potential shades of political bias present in the reported news, and encouraging readers to consider these perspectives in their understanding of the story.

The tool thus holds potential value for educators, students, researchers, journalists, or any news readers interested in understanding and navigating the complexities of political bias in the media landscape.


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Media Bias Checker by UnbiasedNYT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 5th 2024.
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