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Local radio stations get realistic news anchors.
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RadioNewsAI is an AI-powered platform providing local radio stations with realistic news anchors to generate newscasts. The tool allows radio stations to input news sources, and then the AI model rewrites the content into a news story, which is narrated by an AI news anchor in a lifelike and realistic voice.

Users can import content from any local website or RSS feed, create their own news stories, and customize newscast format using the user-friendly drag and drop editor.

Additionally, users can set up regular updates for their newscasts with scheduling options and personalized announcements and closings. RadioNewsAI offers ultra-realistic AI voices specially designed for delivering news content as a news anchor.

The pricing of RadioNewsAI's services is based on the number of seconds of AI-generated audio per month, with a set number of minutes included for each plan.

Each newscast consists of multiple news items, and users are charged only when the AI generates new audio for a news item that has not been generated before.

RadioNewsAI also offers the option to refresh news items more frequently, even if the content of the source article remains the same, but this comes with higher costs.

RadioNewsAI's tool can be used on multiple radio stations, and the online platform includes a review and approval option for each newscast before it goes live.

The company offers a free tool trial, and usage-based billing is optional.


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RadioNewsAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Customizable newscast formats
Import content from any source
Rewrite content into news stories
Scheduling options for newscasts
Personalized announcements and closings
No extra charge for regenerated news
Option for more frequent updates
Can be used on multiple stations
Review and approval before going live
Free tool trial available
Usage-based billing possible
Voices specially for news content
User-friendly drag and drop editor
Weather feature based on location
Tailor output to individual liking
Option to enhance broadcast with imaging
Option to bring own jingles and fillers
Unlimited newscast scheduling
Unlimited news sources in plans
Review before airing option
Personalized announcements and closings


Expensive for frequent updates
No native broadcast integration
Costs based on audio duration
Editor limited to drag-and-drop
Depends on external news sources
Overuses previously generated audio
No user control over voice intonation
News content restricted to RSS feed
No feature to add non-news content


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Can I customize the newscast format in RadioNewsAI?
Does RadioNewsAI allow scheduling of regular updates for newscasts?
Can RadioNewsAI be used across multiple radio stations?
Do I get to review and approve each newscast before it's aired?
What type of content can I input into RadioNewsAI?
Is usage-based billing an option with RadioNewsAI?
What happens if the content of the source article remains the same in RadioNewsAI?
What kind of personalization options does RadioNewsAI offer for newscasts?
Can I refresh news items in RadioNewsAI more frequently, even if the source article content doesn't change?
Does RadioNewsAI offer different AI voices for delivering news?
How are users charged for newscasts in RadioNewsAI?
Can I generate my own news stories in RadioNewsAI?
Does RadioNewsAI offer weather updates feature?
How many news items does each newscast consist of on RadioNewsAI?

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