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Hitoshi presents Global News Guide
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Global News Guide, now with detailed analyses and historical context! How can I assist you today?
Sample prompts:
What's the latest news in Japan?
Show me sports headlines from the USA.
Can I have a summary of this German headline?
What are the top stories in France today?
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The Global News Guide GPT, presented by Hitoshi, is a unique tool designed to provide up-to-the-minute news from around the world. It integrates with ChatGPT to allow users to request, retrieve and digest important news information.

This application serves as a global news companion that provides detailed analyses of current news events and supplements this with historical context.

This characteristic distinguishes it by not only offering current news reporting, but also embedding these events within historical narratives, hence providing a more thorough understanding and nuanced viewpoint to the user.The design presents prompt starters enabling targeted and specific information retrieval such as news from a specific region like Japan or the USA.

It can also present summaries of specific headlines or general top stories in a given country. These prompt starters demonstrate the tool's value through its ability to be customized in accordance with user requirements.Furthermore, the Global News Guide GPT is designed for chat-based interaction, making it interactive and engaging.

Users can sign up to chat, which allows for a more personalised and detailed interaction. This chat-based approach enables this GPT to be a highly user-friendly, interactive and customizable information retrieval system that is responsive to user needs.

Despite the fact that it requires ChatGPT Plus, it remains a highly valuable tool for those looking for a comprehensive and customizable news information service.In summary, the Global News Guide GPT is a trustworthy source of worldwide news updates with detailed analyses and historical context.

It offers a user-customizable experience in retrieving up-to-the-minute global news information in a chat-based interactive format.


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Global News Guide GPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 10th 2024.
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