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News Bias Analyzer is a GPT developed by that offers an intelligent solution to analyzing the potential bias in news content. The core functionality lies in its ability to fetch and investigate the latest news, rendering detailed summaries, bias graphs, and word clouds.

The tool is objective and supports a fresh perspective in news analysis, making it a reliable ally in dissecting the latest headlines and extensive articles for potential bias.

To use this GPT, users must submit a news article, snippet, or headline, which the GPT then scrutinizes for bias. It generates bias graphs that visually represent the extent and direction of the potential bias.

It further generates word clouds which give insights on the frequency of word usage, often highlighting the focal point of the article. Through keyword search, users can also fetch and analyze the most current US news headlines or look up the latest news on a specific subject.This GPT caters to anyone looking for an unbiased summary of news events or wishing to delve deeper into the objectivity of news coverage.

As a result, it is relevant to media analysts, researchers, students, or any news reader conscious of the influence of bias in understanding world events.This tool requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus to operate, thereby indicating the demand for a ChatGPT Plus subscription for access to its services.

Through its intelligent programming, the News Bias Analyzer GPT allows users to uncover potential bias in news reporting, thus fostering a more informed and balanced understanding of current events.


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