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User-driven content filtering and summarization
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Tailor is an AI-powered tool that helps users create personalized content based on their interests, with a focus on podcasts and newsletters. It aims to simplify the overwhelming amount of information available by using AI to curate and summarize what matters most to each individual user.To get started with Tailor, users can select their specific interests, allowing the tool to create a unique blend of content tailored to their preferences.

Users can also add their favorite newspapers, YouTube channels, and podcasts for Tailor to digest and incorporate into their daily summaries.Tailor's AI technology reads, listens, and watches everything created on a given day and decides what is most important for each user.

This ensures that users receive a digest that contains only the relevant and significant information, without the excess noise and information overload.Tailor offers both text and audio formats for the digests, allowing users to consume the content in their preferred way.

The tool gives users control over the length of the digest, ensuring it is as long as they need it to be.Overall, Tailor provides a personalized content experience by leveraging AI to create curated summaries that align with users' interests.

By eliminating chaotic feeds and offering tailored information, Tailor aims to simplify the content consumption process and help users make sense of the noise.


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Tailor was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized content creation
Interest-based curation
Incorporates favourite newspapers, channels
Digests daily created content
Filters noise, excess information
Offers text and audio
User-controlled digest length
Tailored news, newsletter updates
Simplifies overwhelming information
Digests YouTube, podcast content
Eliminates chaotic feeds
Easy to get started
Add personal sources
Digests newspapers, channels, podcasts
No information overload
Consumes in preferred format
Makes sense of noise
Digest as long as needed
Eliminates feed chaos
Everyday content digestion
Tailors to multiple interests


No video content support
No multilingual support
Specifically focused on podcasts/newsletters
Length control may limit information
No offline usage mentioned
Digest update frequency unclear
No explicit user privacy mention
No mention of content sources


What is Tailor?
How does Tailor select personalized content?
Can I add my favourite YouTube channels and podcasts to Tailor?
In what formats does Tailor offer its digests?
Can I control the length of the daily summaries created by Tailor?
How does Tailor use AI to curate content?
Does Tailor only focus on podcasts and newsletters?
Can Tailor digest information from newspapers?
Does Tailor eliminate unwanted information and noise?
Is Tailor a free tool?
How do I get started with Tailor?
Is Tailor's content solely based on my interests?
Does Tailor provide daily summaries?
Will Tailor be able to digest the content of a YouTube channel or Podcast that I add manually?
What's the purpose of Tailor's AI technology?
What type of content will Tailor provide?
What are the key features of Tailor?
Are there any customization options in Tailor?
How can Tailor help in dealing with information overload?
What mediums of content does Tailor curate and summarize?


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