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Customizable GDPR email marketing platform.
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Infomail is an email marketing and newsletter platform designed for businesses, startups, and nonprofits. The platform allows users to communicate with their customers through personalized email marketing campaigns that comply with GDPR regulations.

The platform powered by Cookiebot is secure and reliable, ensuring data privacy and protection. Infomail offers integrations with various third-party tools to enhance the user experience and increase engagement with their audience.

The platform has an easy-to-use interface, and with the help of the Teriyaki AI smart editor, users can create targeted and engaging emails quickly. Infomail also offers transactional email services, which allows users to send emails triggered by specific actions such as a purchase or password reset request.

Through the platform, users can also access detailed analytics and reports on their email campaigns' performance, enabling them to make informed decisions about their marketing strategy.

Overall, Infomail is an effective email marketing platform suitable for businesses of all sizes, with a range of features that help users create and deliver engaging email campaigns.


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Pros and Cons


GDPR compliant
Powered by Cookiebot
Secure and reliable
Third-party tools integration
Easy-to-use interface
Personalized email marketing campaigns
Transactional email services
In-depth analytics and reports
Suitable for various business sizes
Supports over 50 languages
Assists in content and translations
Unique templates creation
Secure and quick email sending
Can describe requirements in natural language
First and second-level technical support
Constant updates release plan
Dedicated training and documentation
Partner and agency integration


No dedicated mobile app
Limited language support
Limited third-party tool integrations
Limited template options
Requires understanding of GDPR
User data shared with third-parties
Constant updates might disrupt workflow
No clear troubleshooting measures
Transactional service potentially limits creative control


What is Infomail?
How does Infomail ensure GDPR compliance?
What is the role of Cookiebot in Infomail's service?
How is Infomail's platform integrated with third-party tools?
What types of businesses can use Infomail?
What is Teriyaki AI smart editor in Infomail?
How does Infomail's transactional email service function?
Can I access detailed analytics and reports with Infomail?
Is Infomail suitable for nonprofits?
How secure is Infomail's platform?
How does Infomail ensure data privacy and protection?
How can I create targeted emails with Infomail?
What is Infomail's pricing structure?
What kind of support does Infomail offer?
Is there a manual or guide on how to use Infomail?
How does Infomail utilize AI technology?
Can Infomail's content be translated in multiple languages?
How to sign up and get started with Infomail?
What makes Infomail different from other email marketing platforms?
What types of content can be created with Infomail's AI editor?

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