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ByLudvig Nilsson
Aid in finding and emailing customers.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to find and contact customers?
Sample prompts:
How to find new customers?
Draft an email to a prospect.
Increase customer base tips.
Approach for contacting leads.
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Customer Connector is a GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) developed by Ludvig Nilsson. It is designed with the fundamental objective of aiding in the process of finding and emailing customers.

The primary operability of the GPT enables users to delve into the extensive potential market, locate prospective clients and initiate contact effectively via emails.

The Customer Connector offers a series of prompt starters to guide users through its features and functionality, including providing tips on finding new customers, drafting an email to a prospect, increasing the customer base, and detailed approaches to contacting leads.

While this GPT operates optimally on ChatGPT Plus, it ensures seamless communication and customer connection in a refined, organized, and effective manner.

The tool, manifested with a simplistic interactive interface, is designed to provide not only a smooth customer outreach experience, but also valuable insights to improve strategies for business growth.


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