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Elevate your outreach with unlimited email capabilities and cutting-edge AI.
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Outboundly is an AI-assisted outreach tool designed to enhance email marketing strategies. It is designed to cater to various business entities, including agencies and demand generation teams, providing a scalable solution to their outreach needs.

It offers features such as target identification and setting up email sequences for campaigns. The platform allows scheduling of Email Campaigns, and specification of days and dates to send emails to your target list.

Outboundly fully automates these processes, and even infuses AI capabilities for hyper-personalization. It allows users to find audience personas from their websites, build AI Email template copies and generate Email sequences with a click.

It also has a secure and robust inbox feature and offers numerous integrations to align with an existing tech stack. Additionally, the solution is positioned as suitable for both newcomers exploring outbound strategies and established businesses needing a tool to match their advanced outbound requirements.

Outboundly also aims to improve sender reputation and prevent emails from landing into spam.


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Pros and Cons


Target Identification feature
Automated email sequences
Campaign scheduling
Hyper-personalization capabilities
Audience persona identification
One-click Email sequence generation
Secure inbox
Numerous tech integrations
Geared towards newcomers and established businesses
Improves sender reputation
Prevents emails from spam
Unlimited email capabilities
Lead generation capabilities
CRM integration
Spam control
Easy Scalability
Robust Inboxes
Seamless email scheduling
Advanced outbound capabilities
Free trial access
Automated outbound process
Unlimited email accounts
A/B testing feature
Improved email deliverability
In-app training sessions
Support for outbound strategies
Knowledge Base access
Automated prospect filtering


No A/B testing functionality
Inadequate targeting customization
Difficulty scaling campaigns
Lacks built-in CRM
Unspecified integration capabilities
Spam control limitations
Unclear pricing structure
No specific audience segmentation
Limited personalization features
No known reporting features


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Can I find audience personas from my website with OutboundlyAI?
Can OutboundlyAI create AI email template copies?
How does OutboundlyAI's secure and robust inbox feature work?
What integrations does OutboundlyAI offer?
Is OutboundlyAI only for newcomers in the outbound strategies or does it suit established businesses as well?
How does OutboundlyAI improve sender reputation?
Why should I choose OutboundlyAI for my outbound strategy?
Can OutboundlyAI help me scale my email campaigns?
Is OutboundlyAI a good solution for demand generation teams?
Does OutboundlyAI It prevent emails from landing into spam?
What kind of assistance does OutboundlyAI's support team provide?
Can I use OutboundlyAI to analyze my strategies through A/B testing?
How does OutboundlyAI help in lead generation?


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