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Sales-oriented personalized email generator.
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Salesboom.AI is an AI-backed outreach assistant that helps users create personalized emails for their target audience faster and at scale. The tool is designed to help users spend more time on revenue-generating activities and less time on email composition.

The beta version of Salesboom.AI is available for use and can be accessed through the Chrome extension. Once a user logs in to the tool, they are prompted to provide their identity and details of the intended recipient.

Salesboom.AI then generates a customized email that can be reviewed by the user before being sent. This process enables users to create more pipeline, book more meetings, and win deals faster.

The aim of Salesboom.AI is to help sales professionals to work more efficiently while still delivering a personal touch in their outreach. Though the tool is in beta phase, it promises to offer an innovative solution to the common problem of time-saving among sales professionals.

Users can reach out to the Salesboom.AI team for additional information or to request a demo.


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Salesboom was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 4th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Sales-oriented personalized emails
Generates emails at scale
Saves time on sales activities
Enhanced efficiency in outreach
Chrome extension accessibility
Customized email generation
User-review before sending
Helps book more meetings
Facilitates faster deal closing
Supports pipeline creation
Data-driven email content
Beta testing opportunities
Demo request available


Only available as Chrome extension
Only in beta phase
No mobile app available
No offline mode
Limited customization of emails
No API for integrations
Requires constant internet connection
Only English language support
No clear data privacy policy


What is Salesboom.AI?
What are the primary features of Salesboom.AI?
Who are the intended users of Salesboom.AI?
What benefits can I expect from using Salesboom.AI?
How do I get started with Salesboom.AI?
Can I adjust the emails generated by Salesboom.AI?
Is Salesboom.AI available for free or do I have to pay?
What exactly does Salesboom.AI do?
How does Salesboom.AI help to save time?
Is Salesboom.AI available as a chrome extension?
What kind of information do I need to provide to generate emails through Salesboom.AI?
Can I request a demo for Salesboom.AI?
How can Salesboom.AI increase my productivity?
How does Salesboom.AI contribute to revenue generation?
Are there any restrictions on the number of emails I can generate on Salesboom.AI?
Is Salesboom.AI still in beta phase?
What is the 'personal touch' in Salesboom.AI's outreach?
Can I save the generated emails for future use on Salesboom.AI?
Where can I send feedback or questions about Salesboom.AI?
Do I have to install JavaScript to use Salesboom.AI?


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