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Sales outreach & relationship builder.
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Postaga is an AI-powered sales outreach and link building platform that aims to help users generate more leads, build relationships, and obtain backlinks.

The platform offers various features and use cases focused on cold email and sales outreach.One notable feature of Postaga is its all-in-one outreach platform, which helps users create personalized outreach campaigns.

The platform utilizes AI-powered tools to connect users with the appropriate individuals, allowing for more targeted and effective communication. Postaga's AI assistant assists in finding key information and snippets to enhance personalization.The platform also includes a CRM system that enables users to manage their outreach efforts efficiently.

It allows users to track the status, stage, and opportunity type, keeping them organized and ensuring they don't miss any opportunities.Postaga utilizes AI technology to automatically generate effective outreach campaigns by analyzing user websites and suggesting high-converting campaign ideas tailored to their specific needs.

Additionally, the platform facilitates the identification of relevant websites, bloggers, podcasters, and businesses through its Opportunity Finder.Another useful feature of Postaga is its ability to find the right contact people associated with each opportunity.

The platform saves users from the manual task of searching for contacts by automatically providing their email addresses, Twitter handles, and LinkedIn profiles.Lastly, Postaga offers the capability to set up follow-up sequences on autopilot, leading to increased response rates.

Users can build sequences that will stop automatically once someone replies, streamlining communication and saving time.Overall, Postaga provides an AI-driven solution for sales outreach and link building, offering features and tools to streamline the process and improve effectiveness.


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Postaga was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 18th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


All-in-one outreach platform
Integrated CRM system
Tracks outreach status
Opportunity type tracking
Generates outreach campaigns
Website analysis for ideas
Relevant opportunity identification
Auto-contacts with emails, Twitter, LinkedIn
Facilitates follow-up sequences
Automatic sequences stop on replies
Supports multiple campaign types
Increases response rates
Extensive support and learning center
14-day free trial
Custom CSV import


Lacks social media integration
No mobile application
Requires initial setup time
Limited automation customization
Heavy reliance on email
Lacks phone support
No real-time collaboration features
Overly simple CRM
Limited campaign types
May lead to spammy outreach


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