Lead generation 17 Mar 2023
Schedules and customizes email outreach.

Generated by ChatGPT

Meetz.ai is an AI tool that serves as a personal assistant specialized in scheduling meetings and sending emails to potential clients or leads. The platform's first stage involves generating demo emails that are personalized to the prospects uploaded by the user.

The second stage is appointment setting with one-on-one meetings coordinated by an AI assistant named Laura. With this feature, users don't have to check each participant's availability since Laura can find the optimal time for everyone.

Additionally, Meetz.ai enables seamless follow-up communication by allowing users to cc Laura, who systematically follows up according to their preferences or guests' requests.

Meetz.ai's personalized outreach feature allows users to add their prospects' list and select the tone they want in their sales email. The tool aims to provide a quick and straightforward outreach process to generate leads, with the AI scheduler handling everything else.

Meetz.ai's hero line emphasizes that the tool can be used as a Sales Lead Generator. Finally, users can sign up for the platform's free plan, and there is an optional paid plan that offers additional features.


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