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Lead qualification, automated data enrichment, cleaning.
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Double is an artificial intelligence tool that automates tedious data entry tasks to clean, enrich and qualify leads using AI. The tool utilizes GPT to automatically research leads on the internet and provide answers to questions.

Double offers several features, such as finding individual LinkedIn profile URLs from a list of full names and qualifying leads according to your ICP using their location, job title, and other parameters.

It also allows users to scrape website text, find Bloomberg tickers for a company, categorize company by industry, find the location of a company, and qualify leads by job title, among others.

Moreover, Double can spot corrupt names, flag and correct corrupt names (e.g., José McDonald), and clean up names for email campaigns, including special characters, improper title case, misspelt names, and concatenated entries.

Double offers pricing plans for teams of all sizes, including a free plan for the first 200k characters per month, with options for custom AI instructions, scrape website text, scrape Google search results, and 15-minute support response time from the founders during the day, every day.

Double is ideal for businesses and organizations with big bandwidth and integration needs, as it offers tailored enterprise solutions with multiple seats, shareable documents, CRM integrations, API integrations, and more.


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Double was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automates data entry tasks
Lead cleaning and enrichment
Utilizes GPT for research
Finds LinkedIn URLs from names
Qualifies leads from LinkedIn
Scrapes text from websites
Finds company website URLs
Corrects and cleans names
Finds Bloomberg tickers for companies
Categorizes companies by industry
Finds company locations
Qualifies leads by job title
Standardize varying phone formats
Offers pricing plans for different sizes
Free plan for first 200k characters/month
Provides 15-minute support response
Tailored enterprise solutions offered
CRM integration and API integration
Allows shareable documents


Limited free usage
May not support multilingual data
Lacks real-time data enrichment
Platform specific integrations
Dependent on website accessibility
May miss complex lead qualifications
Potential issues with scraping legality
May not differentiate between similar names
Issues with special characters in names
No offline working capacity


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What does Double's lead qualification using location and job title involve?
How is data cleaning done by Double?
How does Double identify and correct corrupt names?
What pricing plans does Double offer?
Who can benefit from Double's free plan?
What are the characteristics of Double's enterprise solutions?
How can Double help clean up names for email campaigns?
Can Double help in finding a company's Bloomberg tickers?
How does Double categorize companies by industry?
What features does Double offer for scraping website text?
How can Double assist in qualifying leads by their job title on LinkedIn?
Can Double assist in identifying the location of a company?
What kind of support does Double offer to its users?
Can Double standardize varying phone number formats?
How does Double integrate with existing CRM systems?


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