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Automatic lead generation from Reddit, effortlessly.
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DeepGaze is an Artificial Intelligence powered tool that acts as an automatic lead generation bot on Discord, primarily focusing on monitoring Reddit in real-time.

This tool identifies Reddit users who might be facing challenges that your product or service can address. DeepGaze extracts valuable information from a diverse range of sources, including but not limited to, PDF files, Word documents, web pages, images, and codebases, effectively simplifying the process of data sourcing.

By providing structured, usable data, this tool enhances AI language model learning and analysis capabilities. DeepGaze's significant feature includes its real-time active monitoring of Reddit user submissions and comments, aligning the tool effectively with user needs for data extraction, organizing, and analysis.

With a particular focus on catering to needs around language model improvement, app sourcing, and data sourcing, this could potentially increase the quality of data collection.

The tool operates on a pay-per-use basis with different tiered packages, offering features like bot access and real-time monitoring. Additionally, DeepGaze provides product support through a dedicated Discord channel.


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DeepGaze was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 23rd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automatic lead generation bot
Real-time Reddit monitoring
Diverse data sourcing
Enhances language model learning
Real-time user submissions monitoring
Efficient data extraction and organizing
Bot access feature
Discord integrated support
PDF, Word docs, codebases analysis
Image and web pages analysis
Different tiered packages
Pay-per-use model
Active Reddit comments monitoring
Focus on language model improvement
App and data sourcing capabilities
Potentially better data quality
Dedicated Discord support channel
Live demo available
Real time reddit submission/comment scans


Limited to Reddit monitoring
No multi-platform support
No freemium version
Pay-per-use model
Focused on language modeling
Reduced functionality for low-tier packages
Document language limitations unmentioned
Connection to single Discord channel
Data from only specific sources
Not fully transparent tool

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