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Business lead gen and targeted marketing assistance.
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AI Business Chat is an app designed to help businesses of all sizes convert leads into customers by providing targeted marketing, lead generation campaigns, and customer service in their local area.

With this app, businesses can send targeted messages to potential customers who are nearby their location, generate leads by sending out surveys or offering promotions to those who sign up for the app, and provide customer service quickly and easily.

Examples of industries that can use this app include real estate, restaurants, and retail stores. The data privacy and security practices are declared by the developer, and the app does not collect any user data or share it with third parties.

The app encrypts data in transit, and data cannot be deleted. The app can flag inappropriate content, and developers can be contacted through email. The app also has a feature called "Data Safety" that provides more information about privacy and security practices relevant to users' regions, ages, and usage.

Developed by Town Contacts, AI Business Chat is available to Android users and has been downloaded more than 10K times. This app is potentially a valuable tool for businesses because it enables them to leverage AI technology to enhance their marketing and customer service.


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AI Business Chat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Targeted marketing features
In-app lead generation campaigns
Quick customer service provision
Location-based potential customer targeting
Lead generation through surveys/promotions
Data safety feature
Strong data encryption
No user data collection
No third party data sharing
Data deletion prevention
Inappropriate content flagging
Developer contact via email
Over 10K downloads
Available for Android users
Functionality for various industries
Regular updates


Data can't be deleted
Android only
Only localized messaging
No third-party integrations
Not opensource
No API provided
Lacks comprehensive analytics
Limited to lead conversion
Email-only developer contact
Limited use cases mentioned


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