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Generated custom lead lists with machine learning.
Generated by ChatGPT

OpenLead is an AI-driven lead generation tool that generates custom lead lists based on the criteria provided by the user. The tool uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to search its extensive database of over 3 million contacts and creates a list of high-quality leads tailored precisely to the user's requirements.

OpenLead's flexible monthly contracts offer the necessary flexibility to adapt and scale lead generation efforts. With access to over 3 million contacts, the tool can find the perfect leads for any business regardless of the requirements.

The product claims to protect user information and maintain confidentiality by following industry-leading security practices. The tool's website includes feedback from customers who have used OpenLead's services.

Feedback indicates that the tool's lead lists were high-quality, well-organized, and helped businesses convert leads into customers, exceeding sales goals and growing their businesses.

OpenLead is available for a monthly fee of $99/month, and a live demo of the product is provided on the website. In sum, OpenLead is an AI-powered lead generation tool designed to maximize conversions and streamline the sales process.

Users can provide criteria for their ideal clients, and the tool generates customized leads tailored to their specific needs. With flexible monthly contracts and a database of over 3 million contacts, OpenLead can benefit businesses regardless of their requirements.


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Openlead was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates custom lead lists
Flexible monthly contracts
Database of 3 million contacts
High-quality leads
Tailored results
Protects user information
Positive customer feedback
Accessible pricing
Live demo available
High conversion rates
Easy sales process streamlining
B2B Service Provider
Adaptable to niche requirements
Industry-leading security practices
Proven results
Handcrafted in Europe


Monthly fee of $99
Limited to 3 million contacts
No free plan or trial
No API available
Lack of integrations with CRM
Security practices not detailed
User-provided criteria reliant


What is OpenLead?
What are the features of OpenLead?
How does OpenLead's AI generate lead lists?
What is the size of the database that OpenLead uses for lead generation?
How does OpenLead ensure the privacy and security of user data?
What are the contract terms offered by OpenLead?
How much does OpenLead cost per month?
Is there a live demo available for OpenLead?
How does OpenLead benefit its users?
What kind of feedback has OpenLead received from its users?
How can I specify my requirements for leads in OpenLead?
Is OpenLead suitable for any kind of business?
How does OpenLead aid in conversion and sales?
How can OpenLead help me in growing my business?
How is OpenLead's lead generation service different from others?
Do I need to have any specific knowledge to use OpenLead?
What type of leads can OpenLead generate?
Does OpenLead cover a specific industry or can it be used across different industries?
Can I use OpenLead on a trial basis, and if so, for how long?
How quick is the turnaround time once I place an order for lead lists on OpenLead?


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