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Lead qualification & sales strategy optimization.
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Oppwiser is an AI tool designed to enable intelligent account-based sales strategies. It helps businesses identify and target potential customers by leveraging a vast amount of company data signals and attributes.

By utilizing billions of these data points, Oppwiser assists in the discovery of ready-to-buy accounts and prospects.One of the key features provided by Oppwiser is the AI Lookalike Company Finder.

This feature allows businesses to find companies that closely resemble their existing clients, enabling sales reps to focus their efforts on accounts that are most likely to convert, thus improving sales pipeline velocity.Additionally, Oppwiser offers the AI Opportunity Scanner, which continuously scans a database of over 60 million companies.

It scores each company based on its similarity to the user's existing clients or best prospects, making it easier to identify net new accounts or high-intent lookalike accounts that may be hidden in the CRM.Oppwiser also facilitates the identification of buying and technographic signals within job offers, company information, and employee data.

By tracking relevant signals and keywords, users can uncover trends and insights that can be incorporated into their sales strategies.Furthermore, Oppwiser provides a comprehensive B2B company and contact database, including 150 million work emails and 10 million direct dials.

This allows users to filter contacts based on various criteria such as work experience, education, and location.Overall, Oppwiser aims to automate lead research and prioritization, maximizing sales effectiveness and efficiency.

The tool's extensive data resources and advanced AI capabilities empower sales teams to identify the most promising accounts and prospects, ultimately driving revenue growth.


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Pros and Cons


Database of 60M+ companies
Buyer Signal identification
Buying and technographic signal tracking
Comprehensive B2B company and contact database
150 million work emails
10 million direct dials
Contact filtering options
Sales strategy optimization
Automates lead research and prioritization
Continuously monitors billions of buyer signals
Discover ready-to-buy accounts
Top players search in any niche
Advanced firmographic or keyword filters
Mapping of Target Addressable Market
Uncover technology stacks and company trends
Relevant signal tracking within job offers and company data
Spotting of work environment trends
Connect with the right decision-makers


Limited to B2B sales
Requires extensive company data
No real-time updates mentioned
Lack of integrations specified
No customization options described
Depends heavily on data quality
No feedback mechanism mentioned
No multilingual support stated
No specific privacy measures stated


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Can Oppwiser help me find ready-to-buy accounts and prospects?
How does Oppwiser’s AI apps work?
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How can Oppwiser help in tracking relevant signals and keywords?
Does Oppwiser provide company contact information?
How can Oppwiser help my sales reps target potential customers?
How does Oppwiser assist in improving sales pipeline velocity?
Can Oppwiser help me identify high-intent lookalike accounts hidden in my CRM?
What kind of trends and insights can Oppwiser uncover from job offers, public company data, and employee work experience?


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