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Mindelia is an AI-powered business intelligence (BI) service that offers auto respondent and lead-scoring tools specifically designed for home renovation professionals.

The platform aims to help these professionals connect with high-potential leads and improve their sales and marketing return on investment (ROI). With Mindelia's state-of-the-art technology, users can distinguish between high and low-quality leads, allowing them to prioritize their efforts and resources effectively.

The platform also offers the advantage of being listed for free in front of relevant customers. One unique aspect of Mindelia is its pricing structure, which allows users to pay only when they have an excessive number of leads to handle.

This flexible approach ensures that professionals in the home renovation industry can optimize their expenses based on their workload.The process of joining Mindelia involves submitting an application online.

After a quick due diligence process to assess credentials and licenses, the Mindelia sales team consults with the applicant. Users can easily upload their completed projects using the platform's application, and they are assigned a consultant to assist with the uploading process.Mindelia offers different pricing plans, ranging from a free basic plan with limited features to standard and advanced plans, which include more advanced analytics, lead-scoring features, targeted advertising, and dedicated customer success management.

Overall, Mindelia provides home renovation professionals with an AI-driven platform that helps them streamline their lead management process and enhance their sales and marketing endeavors.


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