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AI-powered all in one lead generation app
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GrowEasy is an AI-powered lead generation tool designed to enhance digital marketing solutions by creating and managing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

This all-in-one application assists in the creation of ad campaigns, utilizing AI to generate attractive and effective ad designs and captivating copies that best communicate the offerings of a product or service.

The key features of GrowEasy include an AI-driven design engine, smart analytics, and a functionality to work with other favored tools. The simplicity of the tool allows users to simply provide details about their product and target audience, after which GrowEasy's AI comes into action.

It automatically generates creatives, copies, and audiences, and launches the campaign on Facebook and Instagram. The aim of GrowEasy is to solve marketing problems by utilizing AI capabilities, thereby streamlining the process of lead generation.


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GrowEasy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 15th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates creative, effective ads
Manages Facebook and Instagram campaigns
Smart analytics feature
Compatibility with favorite tools
Simplified user interface
Auto-generates audience targeting
Streamlines lead generation
Optimized for digital marketing
Automatic campaign launch
Adaptive to product details
Sensitive to target audience
Solves marketing problems
Automated copy creation
Short setup time
Quality creatives generation
High conversion designs
Generates captivating copies
All-in-one functionality
Supports campaign creation
Mobile app availability
Works on favorite tools
Good on Product Hunt
Indian-made software
Detailed privacy policy
Flexible terms and conditions
Supports online payments
Regular updates on LinkedIn
Affordable pricing options


Limited to Facebook and Instagram
No A/B testing feature
Lacks integration with other platforms
No provisions for multi-channel campaigns
Doesn't support LinkedIn ads
No real-time tracking of campaigns
Doesn't provide competitor insights
No explicit consent management features
Lacks Twitter and Pinterest support


What is GrowEasy?
How does GrowEasy utilize AI for digital marketing solutions?
What platforms does GrowEasy manage campaigns on?
What are the key features of GrowEasy?
How does GrowEasy's AI-driven design engine work?
In what way does GrowEasy facilitate the creation of ad campaigns?
How are target audiences utilized in GrowEasy?
What is the process of launching a campaign with GrowEasy?
Can I integrate GrowEasy with other marketing tools?
Does GrowEasy offer analytics for campaigns?
How does GrowEasy help solve marketing issues?
Can GrowEasy generate both creatives and copies for my product?
How automated is the lead generation process with GrowEasy?
Does GrowEasy help in analyzing target audiences?
What makes GrowEasy different from other lead generation tools?
Is there a tutorial or guide on how to use GrowEasy?
How quickly can I create lead ad campaigns using GrowEasy?
What's the pricing model of GrowEasy?
Do I need prior experience in digital marketing to use GrowEasy?
How can I contact GrowEasy for more specific enquiries?


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