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Completely automated Ai outreach with prospect data and automated demo scheduling.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI tool that serves as a personal assistant specialized in generating leads for your business with ease. Initially download prospect data from Meetz (165+ million fully verified prospect!) then select the Power Dialer or Ai Personalized Email campaigns to activate Meetz in reaching out to your prospects. The dialer will call up to 15 people at a time and give you an Ai opener to start the conversation. The Ai emails will be personalized to your prospect online activity automatically.

Then once they are interested just CC your patented Meetz Ai Email Scheduling assistant. The appointment setting will be coordinated by your AI assistant named Laura. With this feature, you don't have to check each participant's availability since Laura can find the optimal time for everyone with natural English.
Additionally, enables seamless follow-up communication by allowing users to cc Laura, who systematically follows up according to their preferences or guests' requests, NO prospects will be forgotten 🀩.

Automated Lead Generation
Email Warm Up + Auto Rotation
GDPR + CPRA compliance
AI Recommendations
Complex Scheduling Flows

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Mar 2, 2024
I wanted to give a bit of love to this tool since the team has helped us so much with their product. This is by far by far the best outreach tool I used, very advanced functionality. Their prospect data is accurate the dialer and email outreach are invaluable we use this every day to get leads and increase the booked demos by 20% at least which for us beats facebook ads any day of the week. The Ai email scheduler is also very handy but the outreach tool is the use case for us.

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Pros and Cons


Personalized email outreach
Optimal time finding
Automated follow-up communication
Customize sales email tone
Generates leads
Coordinates one-on-one meetings
Planning and scheduling
Sales Lead Generator functionality
Free and paid plans
Uploadable prospects list
Can select sales methodology
Personalized demo emails
Generates LinkedIn activity-based emails
Attendance confirmation for meetings
Scheduling links for availability
Multiple follow-up times
Pipeline filling capability
Trained on millions of datasets
Understanding and responding capability
Platform for work organization
Advanced techniques of NLP
Predicting and parsing intention feature
Dashboard for calendar management
Customizable work schedule


No multiple language support
No mobile app
Cannot integrate with CRM
Personalized emails might not be accurate
Limited to scheduling and emailing
No manual override in scheduling
No real-time customer support
No on-premise deployment
Limited free plan features


What are the main features of
How does help in scheduling meetings?
Who is Laura in
Can I customize the content of the emails sent by
What is the role of Laura in the follow-up communication?
Does offer a free plan?
Is there a paid plan for
How does Laura find an optimal time for meetings?
What is the demo stage in
How does generate leads?
What is the use of the AI scheduler in
Can be used as a Sales Lead Generator?
Can I add a list of suspects to
What is the AI NLP technology used by
Does have any other features besides scheduling and emailing?
Can generate personalized emails?
How does the reactive scheduling link work in
Can I use Laura to coordinate a meeting with multiple guests?
How does Laura follow up with guests?
How does fill up my sales pipeline easily?

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