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Automated lead generation through chatbot conversations.
Generated by ChatGPT

Presbot is an AI-powered chatbot tool that helps businesses generate more leads by using ChatGPT, OpenAI’s most advanced language model, to power chatbot responses.

The tool automates the process of answering common repetitive questions and engages with visitors in a conversational manner. The platform is user-friendly and customizable, with no need for coding experience or complicated chatbot builder software.Presbot can be integrated with multiple platforms, such as Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and PrestaShop, making it accessible to a broad range of websites.

The tool provides real-time analytics to track the chatbot's performance, allowing users to adjust their strategies to optimize lead generation. Presbot has numerous features, including retargeting, personal landing pages, lead generation, real-time analytics, simple and fast setup, and customization options.

The tool also has a list of pre-set questions, but when encountering a question it does not know the answer to, it seeks assistance from ChatGPT.Presbot has received positive feedback from users worldwide, providing consistent, concise, and engaging responses that deliver 30% more leads and higher conversions.

Presbot values its users' privacy and does not sell or spam their information. Users can try Presbot for free without the need for a credit card.


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Pros and Cons


Automated lead generation
Uses ChatGPT language model
Answers common questions
User-friendly interface
Customizable settings
No coding experience needed
Multi-platform integration (Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, PrestaShop)
Real-time analytics
Retargeting feature
Personal landing pages
Simple and fast setup
Delivers 30% more leads
High conversion rates
Preserves user privacy
Free trial available
Does not require credit card for trial
Pre-set question lists
24/7 Chatbot availability
Less spending on sales
More conversions with chatbot
Automated data collection
Instant lead notifications
Improves customer service
Increases sales volume


No multilingual support
No offline mode
Limited integration platforms
No mobile app
No 24/7 customer support
Pre-set question list limitations
No custom branding options
Free features limitted
Demographic analytics not detailed


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Does Presbot offer any analytics?
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What kind of increases in conversion can I expect with Presbot?
Does Presbot have a free trial, and how can I access it?
What do I need to do to set up Presbot?
What types of leads can I generate with Presbot?
How does Presbot help with retargeting?
Where can I access my personal landing page with Presbot?
What types of businesses have used Presbot?
How does Presbot secure user information?
What part does ChatGPT play in Presbot's service?
Can Presbot operate 24/7?
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