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Find your next customer with Zintlr’s B2B database.
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Zintlr is a potent B2B sales platform that provides comprehensive prospecting tools to power businesses. The platform's key offerings include a vast B2B database, enabling users to find and connect with prospects and potential customers effectively.

Included within this database are millions of companies and contacts, serving as a resource to amplify outreach and conversion success. Zintlr's unique feature, Personality Intel, provides insights into the behavior traits of prospects, giving users a deeper understanding of potential contacts to aid in forming stronger connections and strategies.

Another of Zintlr's distinguishing features is zScout, which delivers swift and precise domain searches and offers access to company contact details, the technologies they use, related keywords, company descriptions, and top executives.The tool also prides itself in offering extensions like zLocator and Go Global that help businesses leverage valuable insights into other businesses, their websites, contacts, and more.

zLocator works with Google Maps URLs or keywords to provide all this data, whilst 'Go Global' allows users to navigate to any company's website to obtain detailed business information.

Additionally, the platform includes a unique feature called the Knowledge Panel, which offers comprehensive prospect details while users are conducting Google searches.

This allows users to make well-informed decisions effortlessly. Zintlr platform aids in not only discovering but also converting prospects, serving as a useful tool for businesses in targeting the right audience and enhancing lead generation efforts.


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Pros and Cons


Vast B2B database
Personality Intel feature
zScout for domain searches
Access to company details
Insight into used technologies
Keyword related to companies
Company description availability
Executive information availability
zLocator extension
Go Global extension
Works with Google Maps URLs
Knowledge Panel for Google searches
Sales Conversion enhancement
Lead Generation optimization
Advanced search bar
Bulk options for search
Allows scraping of Google Maps URLs
Provides business, website, contact insights
Offers detailed business information
Personality Intel for prospect psychology
zScout for precise domain searches
zLocator for business insights
Go Global for detailed company info
Knowledge Panel for comprehensive prospect details


Personality Intel effectiveness unclear
Dependence on Google Maps
Dependence on company's website
Only 'Go Global' navigates websites
No mobile application specified
No multilingual support mentioned
Unclear compatibility with other CRMs
No specified offline functionality
No explicit data protection
Lack of feature customization


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How does Zintlr aid in lead generation efforts?
How does Zintlr provide behavioral insights?
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Who are some notable users of Zintlr?
What is the functionality of Zintlr's Chrome extension?
How can Zintlr's Personality Intel help in forming stronger connections and strategies?
Does Zintlr offer personalized guidance and support?
Can Zintlr help streamline the prospecting process?
How does Zintlr access and present company and business intelligence data?

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