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Discover business emails from LinkedIn profiles.
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FinalScout is an AI tool that helps users to find the professional email address of anyone by scraping profile and emails from LinkedIn. Its database includes 500 million professionals, 20 million companies, and 200 million email addresses, ensuring high accuracy.

FinalScout offers up to 98% email deliverability guarantee and is GDPR & CCPA compliant. Users can prospect for new leads and filter results by location, industry, seniority level, and business function.

FinalScout also provides a free trial of its services. With the FinalScout extension, users can export emails from LinkedIn regular search, LinkedIn Sales Navigator search, LinkedIn group members, or LinkedIn event attendees.

FinalScout uses AI technology, powered by OpenAI, to craft tailored emails based on LinkedIn profile, guaranteeing up to 98% email deliverability. Users can also use EmailAI's advanced AI technology to generate a highly personalized email using one of its library templates for any use case, making outreach efforts effortless and effective.FinalScout allows users to manage all their contacts in one place, organize them by tags, email statuses, and export them to CSV.

The tool honors LinkedIn guidelines and is safe for users' LinkedIn accounts. Additionally, FinalScout offers a free email verification service that detects and eliminates invalid email addresses.

FinalScout is an excellent tool for sales organizations, recruiters, and professionals looking to expand their networks and reach potential customers or clients at scale with personalized and effective outreach.


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FinalScout was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


500 million professionals database
GDPR & CCPA compliant
98% email deliverability guarantee
LinkedIn profiles scraping
Location, industry, seniority filters
Free trial available
Emails export from LinkedIn
Customizable email templates
Contacts management features
LinkedIn accounts safety
Free email verification
CSV export feature
Daily data update
Emails from LinkedIn events
Emails from LinkedIn groups
Emails from Sales Navigator
Conforms to LinkedIn guidelines
20 million companies database
200 million email database
Business function filter
Tagging contact feature
Email statuses tracker
Emails from regular search
Non-LinkedIn account prospecting
Library of templates


Limited to LinkedIn data
Relies on LinkedIn guidelines
Function restricted to Chrome extension
No API access available
Limited to business emails
Risk of LinkedIn rules changes
Limited email templates
No prospect tracking features
Dependent on LinkedIn account safety
May violate users' privacy expectations


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What does EmailAI's technology in FinalScout offer?
How does FinalScout organize contacts?
Is FinalScout safe for my LinkedIn account?
What does FinalScout's free email verification service do?
Who can benefit from using FinalScout?
How can FinalScout help with email writing and personalization?
Is there a potential for being blocked by LinkedIn while using FinalScout?
What is the size of FinalScout's database?
Can I use FinalScout even without a LinkedIn account?
Can FinalScout help in exporting emails from LinkedIn groups or events?
What is the range of FinalScout's features?
Does FinalScout provide a guarantee in terms of email deliverability?


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