Email summaries 31 Jul 2023
Efficient email summarization service

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Rizemail is a free email summarization service that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to summarize and condense your emails directly within your inbox, eliminating the need to visit external websites or perform additional actions.

By forwarding an email to the provided email address, Rizemail generates a brief summary of the contents and returns it to you almost instantly.With the aim of saving your time, Rizemail efficiently handles different types of emails, including unread newsletters, long email threads, and cluttered commercial communications.

It summarizes the core information you need to know, allowing you to quickly grasp the key points without spending valuable time reading through lengthy emails.The service is currently free, supported by unobtrusive ads placed at the bottom of the summaries.

A premium ad-free version with additional features is planned for the future.Rizemail ensures the security of your data by not retaining any of your emails or personal information.

Once an email is summarized, it is immediately deleted. The platform makes use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to receive your emails, and employs OpenAI's GPT3.5 Turbo to generate the summaries.To use Rizemail, all you need to do is send or forward an email to the provided email address, and an automatic reply containing the summary will be sent back to you.

For any questions or suggestions, you can contact the Rizemail team via email.Overall, Rizemail's mission is to minimize time wasted on unnecessary email content, making it an efficient and user-friendly tool for email summarization.

Rizemail was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free service
Summarizes directly within inbox
Handles various email types
Doesn't retain personal data
Summarizes and deletes instantly
Uses AWS for receiving emails
Automatic summarization reply
Support via email
Handles long email threads
Handles commercial communications
Ad-supported service
Planned premium ad-free version
Summarizes unread newsletters
Encrypts and stores request count
Deletes email count monthly
Suggestions for improvement accepted
No separate login required
No need to visit websites
Fast summarization
100 mails per month per account
Terms & conditions and Privacy policy
No installs required
No copying & pasting required
Transparency on data usage
Contact for edge cases


Contains ads
Limits to 100 summaries
No direct integration
External summarization step
Premium features not available
Others have access to emails
Possible data breaches on AWS
Compiled email data security uncertainty
Email forwarding process hassle
Rely on email response times


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Does Rizemail retain any personal data?
Is Rizemail safe to use?
How fast does Rizemail summarize my emails?
Is there a limit to the number of emails I can summarize each month with Rizemail?
Does Rizemail work with different types of emails like newsletters, conversations, commercial communications?
How do I use Rizemail?
What is Rizemail's mission?
Can I contact Rizemail for questions or suggestions?
Does Rizemail use ads in its service?
What's the technology behind Rizemail's AI?
Which platform does Rizemail use to receive the emails?
Is Rizemail planning a premium, ad-free version?
How does Rizemail handle my sensitive emails?
Where do I forward my email for summarization?
How will I receive the summary from Rizemail?
What information will Rizemail summarize from my emails?
How does Rizemail support its services since it's free?
Does Rizemail support any other languages aside from English?

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