Summaries 27 Jul 2022
Summarized internet article output.

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SummerEyes is an AI-powered summarization tool that instantly summarizes any text found on the internet. It is designed to supercharge your productivity by cutting out filler words and getting to the point in a fraction of the time.

SummerEyes leverages cutting-edge AI models and 400 million parameters to create summaries that are blazingly fast, ridiculously convenient, incredibly powerful and unbelievably useful.

It is available as a Chrome extension, and will soon be available on Safari, Firefox and Brave. With SummerEyes, you can read every newsletter, understand every article, and skim every company-wide email in one click, right in your browser.

Sign up today for a free subscription and receive access to the founding team and special discounts for upcoming releases.

SummerEyes was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 7th 2022.
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akela bashaj
· Sep 21, 2023
doesnt even work

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Pros and Cons


Summarizes internet articles
Enhances productivity
400 million parameters
Blazingly fast summaries
Incredibly powerful tool
Browser extension
Available on major browsers
One-click operation
Reduces reading time
Available Chrome extension
Coming to Safari
Coming to Firefox
Coming to Brave
Cuts out filler words
Saves 30 mins daily
Free subscription availability
Provides special discounts
Access to founding team
Reading in browser
Summarizing in-browser
Reduces 15-minute articles
Time reduction to 30-seconds
No switch of apps
No copy-paste required
Leverages NLP innovations
Understands complex articles
Flexible information processing
Easily installable
On-device functionality
Hidden when not required
Automated information processing
Easily understandable summaries
Direct access to founders


No mobile version
Only Chrome extension available
Potential privacy concerns
No offline version
Only available in English
Log-in required
No API for integrations
No way to customize summaries
Excessive summarization may miss context


What is SummerEyes?
How does SummerEyes work?
What makes SummerEyes different from other AI-powered summarization tools?
How many parameters does SummerEyes use?
What browsers is SummerEyes compatible with?
What are the key benefits of using SummerEyes?
What kind of texts can SummerEyes summarize?
How does SummerEyes help increase productivity?
How is SummerEyes implemented into my browser?
Can I use SummerEyes on my mobile device?
What is the average time saved by using SummerEyes?
How fast are the summaries produced by SummerEyes?
Do I need to sign up for SummerEyes?
What perks do I get for signing up for a free subscription on SummerEyes?
How can I get in touch with the founding team of SummerEyes?
What special discounts are available for upcoming releases of SummerEyes?
How is natural language processing applied in SummerEyes?
Is SummerEyes going to be available on Safari, Firefox and Brave?
Where else can I access SummerEyes AI-powered summaries?
How can I install SummerEyes AI-powered summarization tool?

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