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ScreenApp records and transcribes screen activity.
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ScreenApp is a free online screen recording tool that allows users to capture their screen with or without audio directly from their browser. It supports recording from PCs using Windows, MAC, or Ubuntu.

Users can choose to record their entire screen, a specific application window, or a browser tab. Additionally, they have the option to include webcam footage in their recordings.One notable feature of ScreenApp is its AI-powered transcription capability.

Users can convert their video recordings into written documents, making it easier to review and search through instructional videos, presentations, webinars, and meetings.

This transcription functionality helps users create a written record of important discussions and facilitates easy access to specific information.The tool also emphasizes security, providing users with the ability to securely store and share their recordings with colleagues.

The recordings can be accessed from any device, and collaborators can edit them with the owner's permission.ScreenApp is designed for various use cases such as tech tutorials, training sessions, meetings, and presentations.

It leverages cutting-edge GPT AI technology to summarize, simplify, compare, and gather insights from recorded content.Users can download their recordings to their PC or save them in the cloud.

The cloud backup feature ensures the safety of recordings and allows users to create shareable links for easy collaboration or revisit their recordings at any time.ScreenApp has been trusted by over 250,000 users, including well-known brands such as Nike, Deloitte, Tesla, and Foodpanda.

Its intuitive interface and AI functionality make it an efficient tool for recording, transcribing, and sharing videos, promoting better communication, knowledge transfer, and collaboration among users.


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ScreenApp was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 10th 2023.

Pros and Cons


Free online tool
Cross-platform support
Select recording area
Include webcam footage
Secure storage
Download recordings
Cloud backup
Shareable links
Used by major brands
Efficient review of content
Facilitates knowledge transfer
Intuitive interface
Multiple use-cases
Supports Windows/MAC/Ubuntu
Records with or without audio
High customer trust
Transcribes videos to text
Local implementation
No software downloads required
Quick video downloads
Webcam and screen recording
Provides insights
Customizable platform
Stores recordings in cloud
Creates shareable links
Transcribes spoken words
Applicable to various content types
Quality business video sharing
Personalize video with webcam
ScreenApp Recording Plugin
Live chat support
Extracts valuable knowledge
Multi-language support
Instant recording
High user ratings
No watermark
Lag free recording
Can record PC, tab, or window
Integrable into websites or apps
API and Plugin availability
Recordings accessible from any device
Supports Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox
Secure business video implementation
No installation
Written record creation
Allows video accessibility later
High-quality business videos sharing
Ideal for training sessions, tech tutorials


Limited to online use
No local storage option
Dependent on internet speed
Potential privacy issues
No multi-language transcription
No offline version
Limited to certain browsers
May not record accurately
Specific OS needed


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