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Automated transcription of recorded videos.
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Berrycast is a powerful and easy to use screen recording and sharing tool. It offers one-click recording, microphone and webcam support, annotations, password protection, trimming of videos, and more.

It also has integrations with popular tools such as Microsoft Teams, Gmail, Asana, Figma, and Didacte. With Berrycast, users can easily record and send video messages, request recordings from anyone with a link, and stay clear and save time with asynchronous communication.

It can be used for marketing, sales, product and engineering, UI/UX design, customer support, software testing, employee onboarding, and teaching. It also has a Screen Recorder SDK and Video Record SDK/API.

With its Chrome Extension, users can custom brand their videos, password protect them, embed them, and share them instantly. It also offers timed comments, notifications, analytics insights, downloads of videos, and more.

Berrycast is an excellent tool for businesses to increase efficiency, employee and customer satisfaction, and boost revenue. It is also a great tool for teachers, medical professionals, students, and personal use.

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Berrycast Transcripts was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 25th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


One-click recording
Microphone and webcam support
Annotations available
Password protection for videos
Video trimming feature
Microsoft Teams integration
Gmail integration
Asana integration
Figma integration
Didacte integration
Screen Recorder SDK
Video Recorder SDK/API
Chrome extension
Custom branding for videos
Instant video share
Timed comments
Built-in notifications
Downloadable videos
User analytics insights
Request recording via link
Efficient asynchronous communication
Multiple use-cases
Video messages
Outlook integration
Video embed option
Clip trimming


Requires JavaScript enabled
Limited integrations
Dependent on webcam/microphone
No mobile application
Not open source
Possible security issues (password protection)
No freehand annotations
No Linux support
Limited analytics insights
No offline mode


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How does Berrycast work?
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Can I use Berrycast for UI/UX design?
What are the key features of Berrycast?
Can I record screen with Berrycast?
Can I request recordings from anyone with a link using Berrycast?
How does Berrycast support asynchronous communication?
Can I custom brand my videos in Berrycast?
Is there a free version of Berrycast?
Does Berrycast offers analytics insights?
Does Berrycast allows to trim videos?
Can Berrycast be used for software testing?
How can Berrycast be used for employee onboarding?
How does Berrycast supports teachers?
Can students record their lessons using Berrycast?
How can Berrycast increase a business's efficiency and revenue?
Does Berrycast have a SDK?
Can I share my Berrycast videos instantly?

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