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Konch is an automated platform for transcribing audio and video content, covering over 30 languages. Users can upload audio or video files of any format and the platform's AI will swiftly and accurately transcribe the content.

Users have the option to review and make any necessary edits to the transcription before downloading it in their preferred format. In addition to the fully AI generated transcripts, Konch also offers a 'Precision' service where human reviewers meticulously examine AI transcripts to ensure the highest accuracy.

Users can also convert YouTube content into text format by pasting the video link. The platform includes an advanced editor for further control over transcription outputs, such as adding speaker names, formatting, annotations, comments, and highlights.

Konch also allows for the translation of transcripts into over 30 languages and can export files in multiple formats. This tool is used by a number of top universities and businesses worldwide.

It prioritises data security with Cyber Essentials Plus compliance and stores all data on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


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Konch was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 16th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Covers over 30 languages
Supports all file formats
Fast transcription process
Precision service available
Supports YouTube content conversion
Advanced editing features
Translates into 30+ languages
Exports in multiple formats
Used by top universities and businesses
High data security
Compliant with Cyber Essentials Plus
Data stored on AWS
Discount for bulk purchase
Human review available
Edits can be made before downloading
Supports adding speaker names
Can add annotations, comments, and highlights
24-hour turnaround for human transcription
Time-coded editor for precision editing
Transcribing YouTube content to text
Generates transcript summaries
Used for writing essays
Transcribes Arabic to Welsh
Offers free trial
Available since 2018


No free transcription plan
Video link only for YouTube
Data storage only on AWS
Assuming user transcription editing
Only offers Cyber Essentials Plus
Limited export file formats
No offline functionality
No live transcription
App not mentioned
No multi-user collaboration


What languages does Konch support for transcription?
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How can users manage transcriptions on the Konch platform?
In what formats can Konch export transcription files?
Can Konch transcripts be translated into multiple languages?
What are the key features of Konch's advanced editor?
What is Konch's 'Precision' service and what does it involve?
How does Konch prioritize data security?
In which industries is Konch predominantly used?
What sets Konch apart from other automated transcription services?
Can users edit transcriptions on Konch before downloading?
What is the file format compatibility of Konch for upload?
Is there any offer currently running on the pay-as-you-go plan of Konch?
How does Konch protect user data?
Can content be transcribed in languages other than English on Konch?
How can users highlight or add comments in Konch's transcription editor?
How does the transcription of YouTube videos to text work in Konch?
Do I have the option to upgrade the service to human transcription in Konch?

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