Accurately transcribe audio and video files.

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TurboScribe is an AI-powered transcription tool that offers unlimited audio and video transcription services. It is powered by Whisper, an advanced open transcription technology known for its accuracy.

TurboScribe supports over 98 languages and can transcribe audio and video files in various formats, including MP3, M4A, MP4, MOV, AAC, WAV, OGG, OPUS, MPEG, WMA, and WMV.

The tool allows users to export their transcripts in PDF, DOCX, VTT, SRT, CSV, or TXT formats. Additionally, TurboScribe includes speaker recognition, making it suitable for podcasts, interviews, and meetings where multiple speakers are involved.

The tool also offers built-in translation features for transcribing audio in any language directly to English as well as translating transcripts to over 134 languages.

TurboScribe offers a free tier that allows users to transcribe up to four files per day, with each file limited to 30 minutes. For unlimited transcriptions, users can subscribe to TurboScribe Unlimited, which is available for $10 per month when billed yearly or $20 per month when billed monthly.

The tool provides a satisfaction guarantee, offering a full refund within the first 30 days for users who transcribe less than 25 hours of audio or video and are unsatisfied with the service.

TurboScribe was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 31st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports 98+ languages
Supports various file formats
Multiple transcription modes
Fastest mode transcribes quickly
Speaker recognition feature
Built-in translation feature
Offers a free tier
Unlimited transcriptions on paid plan
Exports transcripts in multiple formats
Satisfaction guarantee provided
Supports files up to 10 hours
Supports files up to 5GB
Handle accents accurately
Perform well in poor audio quality
Can mitigate background noise
99% accuracy guaranteed
Offers blurred distinction service
Refund if unsatisfied
Supports massive uploads
Exports in subtitle formats
Super affordable unlimited transcription
No caps or quotas
Can handle different accents
Data is encrypted
Allows transcript deletion
Lower priority for free users
High priority for payed users
Includes speaker recognition
Handle a number of formats
Can export transcripts
Guarantees speaker recognition


Doesn't support simultaneous uploads
Limits on free tier
Accuracy may vary with accents
Accuracy may dip in noisy environments
No shared account option
Only English translation supported
Limited customer support channels
No mobile app
No offline functionality


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How fast are the transcriptions in Cheetah, Dolphin and Whale modes?
What is the speaker recognition feature in TurboScribe?
Can I export my transcripts from TurboScribe?
How much does TurboScribe cost?
What is the limit for free transcriptions on TurboScribe?
Does TurboScribe offer translation features?
How does TurboScribe ensure the privacy and security of my data?
What size files can be uploaded for TurboScribe to transcribe?
What's the difference between TurboScribe Unlimited and the free tier?
Can I use TurboScribe for multilingual transcriptions?
Does TurboScribe provide any monthly or yearly subscription plans?
Can I reach out to the TurboScribe support team for help if I encounter any issues?
How can I cancel my subscription to TurboScribe?
What is the satisfaction guarantee offered by TurboScribe?
What technology is TurboScribe powered by?

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