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Fast, affordable, and accurate human transcription services
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TranscribeMe is an AI tool offering services including transcription, translation, data annotation, and AI dataset creation. Their transcription method is a blend of advanced AI technology and a network of trained transcribers which maximizes accuracy.

The platform provides services well suited to a variety of sectors such as legal, medical and research, education, consulting, market research, and more.

Its diverse applicability makes it popular among companies operating in these sectors. The tool offers both human-edited and AI-powered transcription services.

Most notably, TranscribeMe ensures top-rated security, with proprietary task distribution and workforce management platforms built to ensure data encryption and secure maintenance.

It supports workflows compliant with HIPAA and GDPR protocols. Moreover, it permits customization of services, such as geofencing the workforce to specific locations.

TranscribeMe's efficient technology and workflows enable it to deliver consistently high-quality data at competitive rates. The service can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including transcription and annotation of data related to machine learning and AI to generate optimized training datasets, transcription of legal proceedings, lectures, market research activities, and other types of qualitative research.


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Pros and Cons


Human-edited transcription service
Trained transcriber network
Multiple sectors application
Top-rated security
Proprietary task distribution platform
Affordable solutions
Efficient technology and workflows
High-quality data delivery
Supports HIPAA and GDPR
Customizable services
Geofencing the workforce
Translation services
Data annotation services
Medical transcription
Legal transcription
Education transcription
Consulting transcription
Market research transcription
Customized transcripts
Accurate NLP data annotation
Proofed transcripts for legal proceedings
HIPAA compliant medical transcription
Education lectures, research transcription
Market research qualitative transcription
Enterprise-scale transcription and translation
Regular updates on transcription status
Diverse industry solution guides
Offers a mobile App
Great customer support
Provides quality at low prices
Can handle large projects
Offers translation in major languages
99%+ transcription accuracy
Highly secure data encryption
Custom quote for complex projects
Ability to work with tight deadlines
Capacity to tailor transcripts
Offers freelancing opportunities
Offers enterprise solutions
Curates network of transcribing experts
Accommodates transcription, translation and data annotation
Fast turnaround speed
Includes a customer portal
Services for Call Centers
Data maintained with top security
Custom formatting for industry needs
Can generate optimized training datasets


Not open-source
Requires proprietary platform
Geofencing limitations
Complex workflows
Customization may be limited
No MacOS app
Dependent on human transcribers
Lack of transparency in pricing
Limited language support


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At what rates does TranscribeMe offer its services?
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Are the transcription services at TranscribeMe affordable?
How does TranscribeMe manage its workforce?
How can TranscribeMe be used for education purposes?
Does TranscribeMe provide annotation of data?
How can TranscribeMe be used for market research activities?
Why is TranscribeMe popular among companies in various sectors?
How does TranscribeMe maintain data encryption and secure maintenance?
Can I restrict TranscribeMe's workforce to specific locations through geofencing?

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