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Converts audio and video to text.
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Cockatoo is an AI-powered transcription tool that allows users to convert audio and video files into text or subtitles quickly and accurately. With its superhuman speech-to-text accuracy, Cockatoo guarantees highly accurate transcriptions, surpassing human performance.

This tool supports transcription in more than 90 languages, making it versatile for global users. It handles various audio and video file formats, allowing users to effortlessly upload their files and receive text transcripts almost instantly.

Cockatoo's automated transcription saves users from the slow and labor-intensive process of manually transcribing audio or video content. It transcribes one hour of audio in just 2-3 minutes, making the process up to 30 times faster than manual transcription.

The tool offers seamless export options, allowing users to download their transcripts in formats such as srt, docx, pdf, or txt based on their preferences.

Cockatoo ensures the security and privacy of user data, with state-of-the-art encryption technology in place. With pricing plans suitable for all budgets, Cockatoo offers AI transcription at an affordable price point.

Its user-friendly interface allows for easy drag-and-drop file upload, and the built-in text editor simplifies text editing and customization. Cockatoo is suitable for a wide range of users, including documentary video producers, disabled individuals, content creators, and professionals who rely on accurate and speedy transcriptions.

Whether it's for work, academic, or personal purposes, Cockatoo provides an efficient solution for converting audio and video to text.


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Cockatoo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 17th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Superhuman speech-to-text accuracy
Supports 90+ languages
Handles various audio/video formats
Transcribes 1 hour in 2-3mins
Export options: srt, docx, pdf, txt
Advanced data encryption technology
Affordable pricing plans
User-friendly drag-and-drop file upload
Built-in text editor
Suitable for diverse users
Automated transcription
Handles different accents
Doesn't require separation of audio from video
Independently owned
Works with background noise
Supports technical language
Offers Unlimited transcripts
Ensures privacy
Allows fuss-free video uploads


Limited file export formats
Possible issues with accents
Subscription-based pricing
Accuracy may differ across languages
No one-time purchase option
No mobile app
No offline mode
Relies on stable internet connection
Limitations in free tier
Unclear data retention policy


What is Cockatoo?
What sets Cockatoo apart from other transcription services?
What languages does Cockatoo support?
How fast can Cockatoo transcribe one hour of audio?
What file formats does Cockatoo support for transcription?
How does Cockatoo handle privacy and security of user data?
What are the pricing options for Cockatoo?
What export options does Cockatoo provide for transcripts?
How can I upload files to Cockatoo?
What is the user interface of Cockatoo like?
Can Cockatoo be used by disabled individuals?
Is Cockatoo suitable for academic usage?
How well does Cockatoo handle different accents and dialects in transcription?
Does Cockatoo offer unlimited transcripts?
Why is Cockatoo described as having superhuman speech to text accuracy?
How does Cockatoo use AI in its transcription process?
How do I edit and customize text with Cockatoo's built-in text editor?
What is the process of converting audio or video to text with Cockatoo?
How does Cockatoo handle video transcriptions?
Will Cockatoo use my data for advertising or other purposes?

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