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Video editing for speech and podcast content.
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Obiklip is a video editing tool designed to simplify the editing process specifically for speech and podcast content. It offers an auto-transcription feature, converting spoken content in videos to text, making it easier to identify key segments.

With support for .srt files, users can efficiently find and clip interesting segments within their videos.The software provides a navigable list of transcribed lines, allowing users to skim through the transcript and quickly identify topics and engaging segments.

Users can mark the start and end points of these segments to generate shorter, engaging clips. An audio preview is available for each transcript line, enabling precise editing.Notable features include unlimited clip creation, quick export of clips, bulk exporting of multiple clips in a queue, and the ability to save clip information in various formats such as JSON, Text, and CSV.

Obiklip also offers a dark mode interface for comfortable work in any lighting conditions.It's important to note that the auto-transcription feature of Obiklip relies on the OpenAI API and requires a valid API key from OpenAI.

Additionally, OpenAI charges a fee for each use of their transcription service, which is separate from any charges related to the Obiklip software itself.Obiklip is available for Windows (Windows 10/11 64-bit) and macOS (Apple Silicon and Intel-based Macs).


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Feb 28, 2024
Obiklip is free to download and evaluate, but ongoing usage requires a purchased license. License per machine: USD $15.90 (One-time fee)

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