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Simplify video editing with Clipchamp from Microsoft 365.
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Clipchamp Video Editor is a tool from Microsoft 365 designed to simplify video editing. This tool aims to enable users to produce high-quality videos easily from home.

As an addition to the Microsoft 365 suite, the tool is geared towards both individuals and businesses. Users can take advantage of Clipchamp to create and edit video content without the need for professional video editing skills.

Its interface has been designed to be user-friendly, offering a multitude of features that span from basic video editing functionality to more advanced editing capabilities.

It is integrated with other Microsoft 365 products, providing a seamless user experience.


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Clipchamp Video Editor was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 12th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Simplifies video editing
Produces high-quality videos
User-friendly interface
Basic to advanced editing
Integrated with Microsoft 365
Geared towards individuals and businesses
No video editing skills required
Drag-and-drop editing
Simple camera and screen recording
Automatic captions for videos
Text to speech feature
Availability of video templates
Access to royalty-free assets
Audio adjustments: Speed, Pitch, Volume
Customizable color palette
Branding functionality
Social media sharing
Compatible with Microsoft 365 Personal/Family
Designed for home and business users
Adjustable audio settings
Easy sharing across social platforms
Integration with Brand Kit


Requires Microsoft 365 subscription
Limited to Microsoft ecosystem
No standalone version
Relatively basic editing tools
Requires internet for usage
Limited template customization
Dependent on Microsoft support
Lacks advanced sound control
Limited export resolution


What is Clipchamp Video Editor?
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How user-friendly is Clipchamp Video Editor?
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Can I produce high-quality videos with Clipchamp Video Editor?
Can I edit videos using Clipchamp Video Editor from home?
Does Clipchamp Video Editor offer advanced editing capabilities?
Is Clipchamp Video Editor part of the Microsoft 365 suite?
Can you create content with Clipchamp Video Editor?
Is there a trial version of Clipchamp Video Editor available?
What kind of AI features does Clipchamp Video Editor offer?
Can I add my own branding to Clipchamp Video Editor?
How does Clipchamp Video Editor fit into content creation?
What are the system requirements of Clipchamp Video Editor?
Does Clipchamp Video Editor integrate with OneDrive?
What is the cost of the Clipchamp Video Editor?
Is customer support available for Clipchamp Video Editor?

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