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Automated creation of Twitch stream highlight reels.
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Capturelab is a powerful tool for streamers looking to showcase their best gaming moments and grow their channel. It uses advanced AI technology to automatically detect and highlight the most exciting and memorable moments from streams of any length.

After Capturelab processes the stream, users can edit, connect, and share the video reels to any social media platform. It is free to use, simply sign up with your Twitch account and let Capturelab do the rest.

Capturelab also offers Adlab, a platform connecting streamers to sponsorship campaigns to monetize their content. With Capturelab, streamers can effortlessly capture and share the best gaming moments with their audience.

CAPTURELAB was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 3rd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free to use
Works with Twitch
Highlights automated
Stream length didn't matter
Editing function included
Sharing to social media integrated
Monetization options (Adlab)
Fast processing
Apex Legends supported
1080p Export
Real time analysis
Auto-fetches your streams
Norm resolution maintained
Easy to connect
Sign up simplicity
User-friendly interface
Potential for more games support
Integrated with popular social platforms
Detailed FAQ section


Only supports Apex Legends
Processing time varies
Dependent on Twitch account
Limited sponsorship opportunities
Lacks multi-platform streaming support
No offline version
Cannot manually select highlights
Specific to gaming content
Limited editing tools
Resolution dependent on original stream


What is Capturelab?
How does Capturelab work?
What are the key features of Capturelab?
How can I start using Capturelab?
Is Capturelab free to use?
How fast does Capturelab process my live streams?
Does Capturelab work on all games?
Can Capturelab produce clips in 1080p?
What is Adlab within Capturelab?
How can I monetize my stream using Capturelab and Adlab?
How does AI technology help in creating best highlights?
Does Capturelab support continuous streaming?
Is there any limit on the number of gaming hours Capturelab can handle?
How does Capturelab grow my channel?
Can Capturelab work with my existing Twitch account?
Where can the reels created by Capturelab be shared?
Can the AI of Capturelab detect and highlight exciting and memorable moments automatically?
Does Capturelab offer a built-in video editing tool?
Can Capturelab connect me to sponsorship campaigns?
Can Capturelab analyze streams in real-time?


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