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The camera app for storytellers
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Detail is a camera application designed for storytellers, enabling them to record and edit video content efficiently. Available for iOS and macOS, the tool offers the user-friendly interface of a camera app coupled with the feature set of a video editor.

It facilitates dual camera recording, which allows users to capture video from both front and back cameras simultaneously. Another unique feature is the ability to connect two iPhones remotely or within the same room for collaborative recording, all without requiring any cables.

Detail also offers a quick solution for creating reaction videos using any recorded footage or the rear camera as a backdrop.In addition, the app provides a suite of editing tools that help users add an individual touch to their content.

This includes a range of creative captions and backgrounds, allowing users to modify and stylize their content before and after recording. Furthermore, Detail incorporates a live green screen editor which enables users to easily replace their video background.

To assist with content creation, the app incorporates an automated caption generator and a teleprompter tool, lending itself well for use in creating diverse content such as podcasts, tutorials, online courses, and music videos.

Overall, Detail positions itself as a comprehensive resource for creating and editing engaging video content quickly and efficiently.


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Pros and Cons


Available for iOS and macOS
User-friendly interface
Dual camera recording feature
Remote collaboration option
Cable-free setup
Fast reaction videos creation
Suite of editing tools
Creative captions
Customizable backgrounds
Live green screen editor
Automated caption generator
Built-in teleprompter tool
Facilitates diverse content creation
Supports creating podcasts
Supports creating tutorials
Supports online courses and music videos
Efficient recording and editing
Simultaneous recording and script reading
Video background alteration
Collaborative recording without cables
Multiple iPhones connectivity
Rear camera as video backdrop


Only available on iOS, macOS
Cannot record remotely android
Limited customization options
Missing advanced editing features
No explicit multi-device support
Manual dual camera setup
No offline features mentioned
Collaboration requires same operating system
Unable to import 3rd party materials
No free version available


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How does the live green screen editor in Detail work?
How does Detail help with adding captions to my videos?
What is the teleprompter tool in Detail?
What kind of content is Detail suitable for creating?
Can I use Detail for creating online courses?
Would Detail be a good tool for making music videos?
How do I download Detail?
Can Detail help me make tutorials?
Does Detail have any capabilities for multiplayer recording?
Is Detail a free app?
Can I use Detail on my Mac?
Does Detail support AI-generated captions?

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