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Silence & repetition detection for video editing.
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Flowtapes is a video editing tool designed for digital creatives that allows users to edit their video recordings using a text-based approach. The tool automates the process of detecting silences and repetitions in the footage, enabling users to cut their videos based on the text content.

Flowtapes also offers the ability to import the edited results into popular video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, or Final Cut Pro, saving users significant time and effort in the editing process.The tool incorporates AI algorithms to detect pauses and repetitions in the narration, which are automatically flagged for removal.

However, users have the option to add them back if desired. After the AI-based processing is completed, users can further edit the video by cutting words, sentences, and pauses directly within the text-based video editor.Flowtapes also supports audio-only recordings, allowing users to upload audio files and edit them using the same text-based editor as with videos.

The tool offers XML export functionality, generating a file that contains the cuts made in Flowtapes. This exported file can be easily imported into other video editing software for further refinement.Users only pay for the actual usage, without any subscriptions or ongoing costs.

The pricing structure is based on the duration of the exported video, with audio-only recordings being charged at half the rate. Flowtapes is developed by Ludwig, and the tool provides a user-friendly interface to streamline the video editing process for content creators.


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