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Upscale and enhance videos and images with AI.
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TensorPix is an online AI-powered tool designed to enhance and upscale videos and images. It provides users with professional quality enhancement capabilities for videos and images, and the process can be completed entirely within a web browser, requiring no installation.

Users can upload videos from any device, choose AI filters to improve video quality, and then download the enhanced output. The platform is recognized for its ability to accomplish this process in minimal time.

In addition to video enhancement, TensorPix also offers image enhancements and has processed countless videos, images, and pixels. It's used and trusted by a diverse range of users, from freelancers to studios, with use cases across enhancing old films, improving web graphics, upscaling family photos, and reworking animation renders, among others.

The service is appreciated for its level of quality, user-friendliness, speed, and computational efficiency compared to other services, making it a popular choice among many in the digital content creation sphere.


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Mar 12, 2024
Excellent to restore old interlaced video, and to add FPS in order to make the motion smooth. The best part is that is accessible in browser, from any device, no equipment request.

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TensorPix was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Web-based tool
Offers image enhancements
Proficient video uploading
Fast processing time
High computational efficiency
Used by diverse users
Appropriate for digital content creation
Utility in animation rendering
User-friendly interface
Enhances old films
Improves web graphics
Upscaling family photos
No installation required
Countless processed videos, images
Supports enhancement of images
Professional quality results
Video quality improvement
Supports any device upload
Video download after enhancement
Popular in digital content sphere
Freelance application suitability
Trusted by studios
Great for upscaling videos
Positive user reviews
Tool for enhancing videos
Process completion in minimal time
Multiple use cases
Quality and speed appreciation
Streamlines video editing
Offer image and video enhancements
Potential expansion possibilities
High quality restoration
Film quality improvement
Facial upscaling feature
Framerate upscaling feature
Graphic quality enhancing
Provides logo creation capabilities
Old video quality restoration
Animation render upscaling
FPS boost to 60
Free preview clips generation
Reasonable cost
Old video life improvement


Web-based only
Requires internet connection
No offline capabilities
Depends on browser performance
Output dependent on original quality
No integration with other tools
Potential privacy concerns
Undefined processing limits


What is TensorPix?
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Can TensorPix be used on any web browser?
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Can you upload videos from any device to TensorPix for enhancing?
Does TensorPix need to be installed to use?
What benefits does TensorPix have for freelancers in the digital content creation sphere?
How does TensorPix go about enhancing old films?
Can TensorPix be used to improve the quality of web graphics?
Does TensorPix have specific AI filters for upscaling family photos?
Is it easy to download the enhanced output from TensorPix?
What makes TensorPix user-friendly?
What are TensorPix's capabilities in reworking animation renders?
Does TensorPix have a free trial?
What professional quality does TensorPix provide for every video or image?
How to get started with TensorPix?
What AI algorithms does TensorPix use for video and image enhancement?
How does TensorPix handle large volume data such as trillion+ processed pixels?
What customer support options does TensorPix offer?

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