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Make video a team sport.
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Scenery is a browser-based, collaborative video editing platform for teams. The platform features a timeline video editor that facilitates the creation of professional videos.

To assist with idea exploration and storyboard creation, Scenery offers a multiplayer video whiteboarding canvas that consolidates all media assets in one location.

Scenery is particularly noted for its review and approval feature, which lets team members collect feedback during the video editing process without the necessity for rendering or exporting.

All comments can be seen directly on the editor's timeline, enabling real-time adjustments based on team input. To streamline workflows, Scenery has a centralized media and asset management system allowing for organised storing and accessing of all video editing materials including brand resources such as logos, fonts, and colors.

Additionally, it carries AI-assisted workflows to aid in the editing process. Scenery also offers automated transcript generation, text editing capabilities, and search functionality for key clips.


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Pros and Cons


Browser-based platform
Collaborative video editing
Timeline video editor
Multiplayer video whiteboarding
Consolidates media assets
Real-time feedback
Doesn't require rendering/exporting for reviews
Centralized media and asset management
Brand resource management (logos, fonts, colors)
Automated transcript generation
Text editing capabilities
Key clip search functionality
Immediate feedback collection
Shared asset library
Trusted by renowned brands
Professional editing capabilities
Easy project sharing
Interactive timeline editor
Tagging and commenting on media
Automatic transcription and searchable text
Centralized brand assets
Time-stamped comments on edits
Real-time edit adjustment
Collaborative video whiteboarding for organization
Link sharing for feedback
Comments visible in editor's timeline
Asset organizing and curating
Immediate addressal of feedback


Browser-based may limit functionality
Dependent on internet connectivity
No offline capability
May lack advanced editing options
No explicit support for 3D/VR
Limited customization of editing workspace
No stated support for multicam editing
Automated transcript accuracy unverifiable
Possible latency in real-time collaboration


What is Scenery?
How does Scenery facilitate collaborative video editing?
What functionality does Scenery's timeline video editor offer?
How does Scenery accommodate storyboard creation and idea exploration?
Can you describe Scenery's real-time feedback and approval feature?
Can Scenery be used for asset management and, if so, how?
How does Scenery make use of AI in its workflows?
What types of brand resources can be stored and accessed within Scenery?
What is the extent of Scenery's text editing capabilities?
Does Scenery generate automatic transcripts?
Can you search for specific elements or clips within Scenery's platform?
What is Scenery's multiplayer video whiteboarding canvas?
How does Scenery help in organizing and storing video editing materials?
What is Scenery's review and approval feature?
What aspects of video editing does Scenery's AI assistance cover?
How does the shared media library in Scenery work?
What capabilities does Scenery offer for immediate feedback during the video editing process?
How does Scenery handle brand asset management?
What does it mean for Scenery to offer 'multiplayer video whiteboarding'?
What type of user interface does Scenery provide for video editing?

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