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Simplified video editing and creation.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool that allows users to easily edit or create videos using AI technology. The tool lets users tell the AI what to do and provides numerous example scenarios to inspire creativity.

The tool has edited and/or made 49 videos to date. The AI tool is developed using Django for the website, and it uses a fork of Text2Video-Zero. Users can choose between a PRO and PRO for Teams plan, with various features such as no conversion limit, unlimited video editing and creation capabilities, and faster, higher-quality videos.

The tool addresses privacy with a privacy policy, and users can read the terms of service, contact the company, or learn about being a developer. Note that the tool has a conversion limit of 100 per hour unless users upgrade to a plan.

Overall, enables users of varying expertise to create videos without extensive technical knowledge, and it helps users to generate fresh and creative content using AI technology.


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Video Editor AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Available in multiple languages
Editable and creative samples
49 videos made or edited
Developed using Django
Fork of Text2Video-Zero utilized
Pro and team plans
No conversion limit in plans
Unlimited video editing
Unlimited video creation
High-quality videos offered
Faster video editing
Privacy policy in place
Terms of service provided
Ability to request extra tools
Supports commercial usage


Limited conversion rate
Subscription for better features
Lack of customizability
No bespoke editing options
Small video catalog
Text2Video-Zero dependent
Django-based limitations
Limited language compatibility
Limited commercial license
Hourly restrictions


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How to get in touch with the company of VideoEditorAI?
Is there a video conversion limit on VideoEditorAI?
How can I upgrade my account on VideoEditorAI?
What are the key features of the PRO plan on VideoEditorAI?
What additional perks does the PRO for Teams plan offer?
How do I use VideoEditorAI to edit videos?
What kind of content can I create with VideoEditorAI?
How is VideoEditorAI for beginners?
How different is VideoEditorAI from other online video editing tools?
Is VideoEditorAI suitable for commercial use?
Are there any restrictions on the features on the free version of VideoEditorAI?
Can I request to add extra conversion tools on VideoEditorAI?

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